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Thailand Elephant Guide

How to enjoy elephant adventures in Thailand?

Elephant adventures in Thailand often take place at conservation reserves near Chiang Mai, Phuket,Bankok where elephants frequently live after they are rescued from harmful environments.

Initiatives are being taken to foster a more meaningful relationship between elephants and man, going beyond their usual trekking and elephant safari tours in Thailand.

We will provide you elephant tours in Thailand with an great opportunity to observe the elephants and to understand them. If you happen to love animals and want to establish a warm and friendly bond with the elephants, then Thailand is the ideal destination.

The Thai Elephant: National Symbol of Thailand

These majestic creatures have played an important role in our history and have contributed immensely to Thai culture. A symbol of strength, durability and longevity…a true reflection of Thailand!

13 ethical elephant sanctuaries in Thailand

Are you still looking for an authentic elephant experience?Let us check out  these responsible elephant sanctuaries tours that offer a natural and ethical way to see these incredible gentle  creatures!

  1. Elephant Nature Park. Elephants at Elephant Nature Park (Shutterstock) ...

  2. The Surin Project. ...

  3. Boon Lott's Elephant Sanctuary. ...

  4. Friends of the Asian Elephant Hospital. ...

  5. Elephant Haven. ...

  6. Burm and Emily's Elephant Sanctuary. ...

  7. Elephants World. ...

  8. Samui Elephant Sanctuary

  9. Wildlife Friends Foundation

  10. Phuket Elephant Sanctuary

  11. Elephant Hills

  12. Phang Nga Elephant Park

  13. Into the Wild

So, Let us encounter a wonderful Thailand elephant tour program!

Do you know some of these interesting facts about Thailand elephant?

Are you excited to fall in love with elephants in Thailand? Visiting Thailand presents perhaps your first opportunity to touch,by no riding them, We are here to present you the interesting quick facts before we go for a Elephant tour in Thailand.

Their living habits

  1. Pregnant for Years

  2. Baby elephant has a long childhood

  3. Elephants can use tools

  4. Elephants really do grieve like us

  5. The only mammals that can't jump

  6. Elephants use dirt as sunscreen – clean or dirty?

  7. Big stomach

  8. Strong family bond

  9. Say "Hello" with trunk

Elephants are important in tourism in Thailand

I believe many tourists visiting Thailand presents perhaps first opportunity to ride with elephant. But many of them are now aware of the harmful effects of elephant tourism. Animal welfare groups suggest avoiding elephant rides completely. Captive elephants may have been poached from the wild, “broken” through abusive means to accept riders and live in poor conditions as they are used for profit. Fortunately, there are now several moral parks and shelters where you can interact with elephants in a harmless environment.

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