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why tailor-made

"Should I travel in a group or is it worth booking a private tour?"

This might be the question that arises every time you travel. We know that deciding how to travel is not a simple task, so we've put all the information you need in one place to and make a contrast to help you make your decision. We value each client and see what UME Travel can offer to you.
th-title With help from UME Travel experts
th-title Design an unacquainted travel all by yourself
th-title Follow a crowd of strangers
why-ico You tell UME Travel anything you want and we help you make it come true. It is YOU who design and decide your travel on your interest, need and budget. You feel difficult to make an itinerary on an UMFAMILIAR country. Less experience and carelessness always lead to travel trap Your itinerary can not be changed. You may have to visit somewhere you are even not interested in.
why-ico Affordable price ensuring unforgettable travel experience, no forced shopping. No compulsive shopping but have no preferential prices Seemingly cheaper, but compulsive shopping costs more and less sightseeing time.
why-ico Your personal travel consultant is at your service 7/24 during your travel. Enjoy your trip with UME Travel! NO consultant support. NO consultant support.
why-ico You personal tour guide will focus on your needs and YOU You have no acquaintance with your destination and may easily MISS interesting places. The guides take care of all groupmembers, you could easily miss explanations during the tour.
why-ico Only you & your family or friends. Especially CONVENNIENT when you are traveling with kids or senior people. You may find difficult to balance when travel with kids or senior people Travel with a CROWD of strangers you may dislike.
why-ico The choice of hotels is UP TO YOU. We can suggest hotels with good location and price. You can choose varies of accomodation on your own CONTRACTED hotels with a crowd of strangers.
why-ico The choice of restaurants is up to you. Take the chance to try some local restaurants if you want. You can have a try of local restaurants. Eat at designated tourist restaurants that serve the same dishes and dine with strange group members.
why-ico Private and comfortable car with your own driver who is always ready to transfer you to the next destination. You may encounter with language barrier in local transportation. What more, traffic is not such convenient in remote area. Van/bus with other group members. You often need to wait for other people.
Ume travel
Group travel
Diy travel
Itinerary Tailor-made Rigid Fresh-hand
Price Best-controlled Implicit Cost Uncontrollable
Travel consultant 7/24 No No
Guide Private Group Leader No
Group member Acquainted Strange Acquainted
Accommodation Appropriate Inflexible Difficult Choice
Meals Best-recommended Arranged Dilemma
Driver&car Private Packed No

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