Patara Camp, Patara Elephant Farm

Last Updated: July 13,2020

As a national treasure of Thailand, elephant has always played a very important role in history. An intimate encounter with such a smart and cute elephant is a must try for traveling to Chiang Mai. As everyone understands elephant performances, more and more people refuse to participate in traditional elephant performance projects. At this time, the elephant protection camp appears.

Patara Camp is the most high-end elephant camp in Chiang Mai and the most expensive one. The cost of one-day experience in Patara Camp is close to $150. However, it is expensive because it has its own reason. It is located on the west side of the Chiang Mai ancient city, with Suthep Mountain in the middle. The location is particularly great. In addition, the experience here is also extraordinary.


Patara Camp is not known as a protection Camp. In its concept, there is no conflict between the conservation of elephants and the experience of elephants. No matter what channel the elephant came to the farm, it is its own child. Patara Camp is also an elephant camp that allows bareback riding of elephants, and in order to ensure the experience of elephants and tourists, Patara Camp implements a reservation system and limits the number of daily visitors to 12 to ensure that each elephant only carries a maximum of two humans on the back. Regardless of your weight and age, only two people can sit on the back of an elegant every day.

Patara Camp's itinerary is also relatively rich, tourists first need to hike into the mountain to find the elephant, and then receive training and approach their own elephant. At Patara Camp you can also learn about the care of elephant skin, pregnancy and other care. At about noon, you will ride an elephant to a picnic in a nearby waterfall, followed by routine items, including bathing, feeding and other interactive links with elephants. At the end of the experience, Patara Camp will also intimately send you all the activities images and photos. Believe or not, Patara Camp is definitely a lifetime experience.

Patara Camp Features: The most high-end experience camp

Address: Shuttle from the west side of Suthep Mountain to Chiang Mai City

Per Capita Cost: from THB 3800

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