Baanchang Elephant Park, Chiang Mai

Last Updated: May 27,2020

"Riding elephant" has always been a particularly controversial topic. On one hand, people are full of curiosity about this experience, especially there are not many places to experience this kind of project. So, when they are at Chiang Mai or other places with elephants, tourists often can't help but want to try it; on the other hand, Thai animal conservationists resist this kind of behavior. It is indeed a cruel and inhuman image to use a nail rake and other things to treat the elephant continuously and urge it to move forward. The place we are going to introduce today is different. There is no one here to force elephants to carry heavy objects, no one uses elephant hooks to restrict the movement of elephants, and no one will maliciously whip them. This is the famous Baanchang Elephant Park in Chiang Mai.

Elephants in Baanchang Elephant Park

The first job to do after entering Baanchang Elephant Park is to feed the elephants who have to eat 18 hours a day. At the beginning of feeding, many people will be actually terrified, and they are afraid of being rolled by the elephant's nose, but after contacting them for a while, you will find them cute and friendly.

Almost all elephants in Baanchang Elephant Park are rescued from villages, freight stations, circuses and other places. In this park, tourists are not encouraged to ride elephants, and there are no elephant shows. After feeding the elephants, you can bathe the elephants in person, to thank them. Elephants spray water happily with their noses. Although you might be scared, everything looks like a beautiful painting.

If you have experienced the intimate contact with elephants in Baanchang Elephant Park, it is not difficult to discover the beauty of getting along with animals. People who are about to go to Chiang Mai may wish to include Banchang Elephant Park in the itinerary. The most intimate interaction with elephants here is to bathe and feed them. Go there to feed them fruit, take a bath and take a walk with them, and enjoy the good times of nature in close contact with elephants, you will like the journey in Baanchang Elephant Park.

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