Blue Daily Elephant Care

Last Updated: July 07,2020

Elephants have a high status in Thai culture. On the third weekend of November each year, it is the Elephant Festival. There will be a grand celebration. How can you come to Chiang Mai, Thailand for a tour without taking a look at the local elephants?

Elephant project experience is an indispensable project in Thailand, but with the increasing international call for elephant protection, many people feel that it is not appropriate to go to the traditional elephant camp. Elephant protection camp will give you another choice. In these elephant camps, you can learn elephant language with mahout, communicate with elephants intimately, you can also feed them bananas, bathe them, and play with them in the forest. This is the most natural and harmless way to get along with them.

In Chiang Mai, there are dozens of large and small elephant camps, some of which are elephant protection camps. This kind of protection camp is different from ordinary elephant camps. Most of them are public-welfare camps. The goal is to protect elephants, and the income is used for the conservation of elephants. Among them, Blue Daily Elephant Care is one of the famous elephant protection camps. Here, there are no elephant performances, no saddle riding elephants. Here, you and elephants get along like friends, you can learn elephant language, communicate with them, feed them, and bathe them. Adults and children can come to the Blue Daily Elephant Care to experience. It is especially suitable for parent-child activities, nurturing the love of children in nature, and being able to get in close touch with elephants.

Blue Daily Elephant Care

Notes for tourists during the Blue Daily Elephant Care experience

1. Get close to the elephant and be in the area under the care of the mahout. Do not approach other areas.

2. Unless the elephant appears to be accessible, do not touch the elephant lightly.

3. When taking pictures, you need ask the mahout first, in case the elephant does not adapt to the camera flash.

4. Please do not give food indiscriminately, unless after the consent of mahout.

5. Please do not feed foods that are harmful or unclean to elephants.

6. Please do not touch the elephant after drinking alcohol or taking hallucinogens.

7. Please do not bring other animals to get close to the elephant.

8. Please do not let children come into contact with the elephant alone, they should be accompanied by a guardian.

9. If you have any doubts, you should even ask mahout.

10. Strictly follow the guidance of the staff.

11. Please do not play around the elephant, seduce or tease the elephant.

Blue Daily Elephant Care Address: Suriyawong 5 Road, Chiang Mai 50100, Thailand

Official Phone: +66 87 186 3533

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