Food & Drinks in Thailand

Last Updated: February 04,2020

Probably, no need us to tell you that Thai food is one of the world's greatest cuisines. The food can compare favorably with Chinese and India ones. That mix of sour, spicy and sweet in every dish can make your favorite dish at home become tasteless. 

The cuisine is fusion of the various flavours from the spice trade, reaching the country at the ports of the south and the traditional tribal cooking from the north. Travelers must try Thai curries that are flavored with riche pastes sourced from spices, chilies, herbs and roots. 

The flavor of Thai cuisine

However, the footstone of Thai cuisine is rice – most commonly the sticky rice or fragrant jasmine rice. Rice is a staple food in the country and it is regarded sacred. Thai rice is soft, glutinous and fragrant, which is very famous all around the world. It serves no spicy at all. It is really a distinct contrast to the fiery flavours of Thai curries and stri-fries. Not all Thai dishes are spicy. So travelers not use to spicy or tolerate chilies at all will still find plenty of food. However, Thai people say no chilies no passion. 

When you are in Thailand facing plenty of mouth-watering food in front of you, you may fell hard to choose. Here we come in to help you. We have chosen some food you must try.

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