Elephant Carer Home

Last Updated: July 07,2020

In addition to eating Thai food, watching shemale shows, and having a Thai massage, the elephant project is also one of the specialties of Thailand travel. It is a pity not to go to the elephant camp when you come to Chiang Mai. In addition to traditional elephant camps, there is another option in Chiang Mai: elephant conservation camps.

The Elephant Conservation Camp is another option for you to get in touch with elephants in Chiang Mai. Here, you can really contact these cute elephants, feed them, play with them, and bathe in the river together. Take a walk in the jungle together and truly feel the harmony between people, nature and animals.

Elephant Carer Home is one of many elephant conservations camps in Chiang Mai. Most of the elephants here were rescued in an unfair working environment. In order to allow these elephants to live healthy in conservation camps, and the simple facilities at the level of the countryside allow elephants to return to nature. Tourists who come here can only do one thing: be friends with elephants.

Elephant Carer Home offers a half-day or one-day authentic elephant experience. The regular one-day project includes two experiences: feeding the elephant and bathing the elephant. If you want to play more advanced, there are jungle trekking, mud bathing for the elephant, and visits to nearby villages. After you change the clothing of mahout, the activities of feeding elephants, learning elephant habits and communication skills, riding elephants without bareback, and bathing elephants will beigin.

Elephant Carer Home

Recommendations for intimate contact with elephants at Elephant Carer Home

Although the elephants at Elephant Carer Home will no longer be harmed, they still have a fear of humans. In order to make contact with elephants more smoothly and safely, the following nine tips and precautions for interpreting the small movements of elephants should be kept in mind. And children, pregnant women, and elderly people are not recommended riding elephants.

The little movements of the elephants in Elephant Carer Home

1. The elephant has been flicking its tail and flapping its ears, meaning that it is now in a very relaxed state.

2. The elephant stands still and erects its ears, meaning that it is afraid of people or animals who are approaching.

3. The elephant opens its ears and shakes its tail, meaning it is frightened.

4. The elephant pours water on its nose, meaning it is hot.

5. The elephant puts its teeth on the ground, meaning it is sleepy or uncomfortable.

6. The elephant stretches its nose to others, meaning it is hungry.

7. Elephants don't eat, meaning they are sick.

8. Elephant stretches its teeth or squats on one of its front legs, meaning to say hello or ask for food.

9. when elephant clenches his teeth and observes that the muscles around the ivory is bulged, just beware that it may attack.

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