Elephant Haven

Last Updated: July 07,2020

Elephants and Thailand are actually inseparable. Elephants are part of Thai history and culture, and now elephants are also an important part of their tourism industry. Whether you can ride elephant directly instead of using an iron chair, whether you treat them with kindness and don't use elephant hooks, whether you have time to walk freely and interact with elephants is a measure of whether an elephant camp is benevolent. If you encounter an elephant camp offering elephant show, it is resolute to resist.

Elephants in humane elephant camps should have plenty of time to move around freely, but how can you know if this is a humane elephant camp before going there? There are dozens of elephant camps in the Chiang Mai area alone, not to mention all the elephant camps throughout Thailand. If you don't know how to choose an elephant protection camp, here we can recommend the Elephant Haven in Kanchanaburi for you.

Elephant Haven

Elephant Haven is not a heaven for tourists as the environment here is not as good as other elephant protection camps in Thailand. Elephant Haven is almost 4 hours away from Bangkok. It is not prominent in the tourist map of Thailand, so it is difficult to see the situation of tourists being everywhere in Bangkok. Elephant Haven was once called Sai Yoke Elephant Camp, which is one of the best elephant rescue plans in Thailand. Under the guidance of the founder of Elephant Nature Park, Lek Chailert, this elephant sanctuary in Sai Yok, 130 kilometers west of Bangkok, initially rescued 6 elephants from the local elephant camp, and now 49 suffering elephants from all over the country have found new homes and are growing freely. You can choose to conduct a one-day visit or join the participation in multi-day volunteer activities here.

Most people come to Thailand, hoping to have the most respected elephant in Thailand. Elephant Haven provides visitors with an opportunity to do this in an ethical manner. The elephants here are rescued from years of labor and abuse. Instead of riding an elephant or watching a show, you spend a day serving the animals, preparing food for them and bathing them in the river. Put on the outfits which are equipped in the park, and you can start intimate contact with this group of lovely elephants, feed them, bathe them, take them to walk through the jungle, and have fun laughing and playing with them. This is a meaningful way to take care of abused elephants.

Elephant Haven is an elephant protection park that is highly recommended. Here you can participate in many elephant-related activities. The staff kindly teaches you and let you experience the work of elephant volunteers. This is an experience item not to be missed when you are traveling in Kanchanaburi, as it will guarantee you a wonderful elephant experience.

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