Elephant Retirement Park, Phuket

Last Updated: July 13,2020

Elephant intimate contact is an item that many people must experience when they come to Phuket. But Thai elephants are not cared for like giant pandas in other countries. They are allowed to torture by mahout, undergo brutal training, perform without rest every day, and are ridden by others. The number of elephants in Thailand is decreasing every year, and now there are less than 4500 elephants! To protect elephants, you must not only refuse ivory products, but also say "no" to elephant performances and riding. Under this sense of rational protection of elephants, the elephant protection camp has become the best place to get close to elephants. There are five elephant protection camps suitable for tourists in Phuket: Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Phuket Offices, Elephant Retirement Park Phuket, Elephant Family Phuket, Green Elephant Sanctuary Park, Elephant Retirement 9 Dee, you can choose your favorite elephant protection camp to experience the fun of being a half-day mahout.

Elephant Retirement Park, Phuket

Elephant Retirement Park Phuket is a loving wildlife reserve. The elephants here are retired or rescued elephants. They can play and rest freely in this beautiful park. Come here to put on a free custom vest and experience the fun of making food for elephants, doing natural herbal massages, walking together, enjoying mud baths together! The park offers a variety of travel packages, all of which include Thai snacks, refreshing welcome drinks and delicious fruit buffet meals.

The eight elephants in Elephant Retirement Park Phuket come from different places. The youngest is 11 months old, and the oldest is over 60 years old. When you arrive at Elephant Retirement Park Phuket, change your clothes, and after dinner, you will start to prepare bananas and sugar cane for the elephants. The baby elephant will be super happy. Then there is mud spa and elephants' baths! The elephant becomes very docile and very enjoyable when getting close contact with you. The elephants here do not have shackles tucked into their flesh, so they don't have to ride or please humans, and there is not much sorrow in the elephants' eyes. At Elephant Retirement Park Phuket, you don't have to worry about getting in touch with elephants and riding elephants.

Elephant Retirement Park Phuket Address: 392/5 Thanon Bandon-Cherngtalay, Tambon Choeng Thale, Amphoe Thalang, Thailand

Phone: 076 608 945

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