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Thailand Tour Packages

2024 Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan Package
4 days Koh Samui - Koh Phangan - Koh Samui
From $ 620
2024 Songkran Carnival Package
5 days Bangkok - Pattaya
From $ 1159
Full Moon Experience Thailand Package
10 days Bangkok - Khao Sok - Koh Samui - Koh Phangan - Bangkok
From $ 2599
Essential Thailand Tour Package
9 days Bangkok - Ayutthaya - Chiang Mai - Phuket
From $ 1959
Beaches of Southern Thailand Package
10 days Phuket - Koh Phi Phi - Krabi
From $ 2440
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Download translation software or buy a translator

Although there are signs in English at the main attractions and the staff can communicate in simple English, traveling alone requires a lot of contact with locals, and this is why having a Thai translator couldn't be more convenient.

If you encounter a sign or page in plain Thai, you can open the photo translation in the cell phone app and use the software to translate it, which is not 100% accurate, but at least you know an approximate meaning.

Translation APP is also often used to communicate with local Thai people face to face, there are many Thai people who do not speak English, only Thai. Although it is a little bit tedious, but at least we can understand what each other is saying.

Download taxi software

In Thailand, the main taxi software is Grab, also the most popular app. The advantage is obviously that you don't have to communicate with the Thai driver so much - the destination is chosen, the software automatically calculates the price and displays the navigation route, furthermore, you can see whether the driver's track is right or not. For some drivers who like to take detours, you can show your phone to the driver so that the driver knows that you are navigating and know the route so that they will not take a detour to overcharge you.

With the cab app, it is easy to take a cab or a motorbike. Grab in Thailand also has a distinction of models, and motorcycles are the cheapest and do not get stuck in traffic. Currently, Grab is available in Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Phuket in Thailand, making it easier to call a taxi.

Be careful about making friends

Watch out for people who take the initiative to approach you, this is especially important when traveling safely abroad. Although Thailand is relatively safe, there are still some sad things seen in the news. If you are traveling alone or with a few people, it is best not to make friends at will, whether it is a local Thai or a tourist from another country, or even a tourist from your own country.

Thai locals generally do not take the initiative to make friends with foreigners, that is, to do business. If you want to have a friend you can talk to on your trip, you can join some boutique tour groups, which will be relatively safe.

Accommodation near the BTS/MRT station

The accommodation should be close to the MRT station. It does not matter if the room is small, but it is important to have convenient transportation. And in the vicinity of the site, life will also be very convenient.

Most of Bangkok's downtown attractions can be reached by BTS or MRT, so taking public transportation is convenient. Whether it is day or night, it is a wise choice to stay near a busy location.

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