Khao San Road in Bangkok

Last Updated: July 13,2020

Khao San Road in Bangkok is one of the busiest streets in Bangkok. It is home to backpackers from all over the world. It is a famous bar street in Bangkok. People can find confidants here and find friends who drink and play together. Everyone may come from different countries and speak different languages, but they all have a young heart, so if you come to Bangkok to visit, you must come and visit this place that makes you youthful!

Khao San Road is located in the center of Bangkok, only 2.1 kilometers from the Grand Palace. The transportation is also convenient. You can reach it by bus or taxi. The best travel time for Khao San Road is from 17:00 pm to night.

Khao San Road at night

When traveling to Bangkok, take a taxi from Thailand Culture Center to Khao San Road. When you get off the bus, you will see a wide array of shops, including clothes shops, snacks shops, massages shops and tattoos shops. And there are so many bars. This street is very lively. Most of the people walking on the street are blond Westerners. And the signs of the shops on the street are mostly English. Walking on this street, you will feel that this is not Thailand, but a lively Western city.

As the sky gets darker, there will be more and more people. Most people go to the Khao San Road with a happy and relaxed mood. Don't be afraid of being accosted, because most of the tourists here are not malicious. They are just looking for happiness during the journey. If you want, you can also talk to anyone at will. If you encounter someone dancing in front of you, don't be surprised. Maybe the whole street will dance together next second. If you desire freedom and madness, then you can come to Khao San Road to experience it.

Khao San Road

You can buy a few cultural shirts on Khao San Road, the price is not expensive, generally is 150 baht. In addition to the cultural shirt, buying a backpack with Thai style is also good. In addition, it is strongly recommended that you must try the snacks, barbecue, drinks, etc. on Khao San Road. In addition, girls can braid braids. Many braid craftsmen braid braids for tourists here. Friends who like tattoos or want to try tattoos can come to Khao San Road to do tattoos at a cheap price and good quality.

After spending a night on Khao San Road, your body may be very tired. At this time, you may wish to do Thai massage. The street here is full of Thai massage shops. You can choose whatever you want. The accommodation on Khao San Road is very convenient, and usually it takes around ten dollars to live in a good room.

The entire Khao San Road is not long, about 1 km. If you don't like drinking and just want to buy souvenirs, you can finish it in about an hour or two. Khao San Road is near the Grand Palace. You can visit these two attractions for one day.

On Khao San Road, smile is the best language, and hug is the best trust. Khao San Road welcomes friends from all over the world!

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