Phuket Old Town

Last Updated: May 22,2020

Phuket Town is located on the east coast of Phuket and is the capital of Phuket Province. Since there are no beautiful beaches near Phuket Town, there will be fewer tourists here and accommodation will be cheaper. However, in recent years, some tourists like to visit Phuket Town to experience the customs left by the impact of multiculturalism and experience the different charm of Phuket. The rustic style and old buildings here will slow down your travels and quietly enjoy the pleasant holiday.

In the past, Phuket Town was rich in tin mines, and a large number of laborers from Fujian came to work here and took root here. At the same time, Phuket Town was once a Portuguese colony, and was largely influenced by Portuguese and British culture. So, in Phuket Town, you can feel the strong Chinese atmosphere, and you can also glimpse the charm of Portuguese and British style from the architectural style.

Phuket Town

Phuket Town Attractions

Former Portuguese Commercial Office

Phuket Town used to be one of the Portuguese colonies. There are still many Portuguese-style buildings in its old town, and the best-preserved one of these buildings is the Former Portuguese Commercial Office at the intersection of Krabi Road and Satun Road. This building is the only old preserved Sino-Portuguese style building in the old city, which has been listed as a first-class monument building, but now it is not open to the public, so it can only be seen from the outside.

Thalang Road

Thalang Road is a very distinctive old street in Phuket Town. There are many 2-3 storey townhouses on both sides. It completely retains the architectural style of early Chinese immigrants and are the typical Sino-Portuguese old buildings. The colorful colors and the vicissitudes of the buildings form a sharp contrast, and there is a feeling of fairy tales. Every Sunday, Thalang Road will also be closed to prohibit motor vehicles, because there will be a limited Lardyai weekend market from 16:00-23:00 every Sunday. If you happen to catch up with this time period, you must go shopping there.

Chaofa Variety Weekend Market

Chaofa Variety Weekend Market in Phuket Town is like a reduced version of Chatuchak Market. It is located near the intersection of Wirat Hong Yok Road and Chao Fah Tawan Tok Road. The items for sale here are cheaper than Patong Beach, and there are many food stalls. Here you can taste very local Thai dishes and seafood. Chaofa Variety Weekend Market is open from 16:00-23:30 every weekend.

Dibuk Road

Dibuk Road also has the relatively well-preserved Chinese-style architectural group. If there are too many tourists on Thalang Road, you may wish to visit here.

Have you been tired of the scenes of the noisy and lively beaches, passionate and charming islands? Do you also want to leave some unique memories in Phuket? Then go to Phuket Town, you will like it.

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