Khao Sok National Park

Last Updated: May 22,2020

Khao Sok National Park is located in Surat Thani Province in southern Thailand. It was established in 1980 and covers an area of 739 square kilometers. This lowland jungle is the oldest tropical rainforest on earth. The virgin forest here has a longer history than the Amazon rainforest and a much larger area. It is the most popular tourist attraction in southern Thailand.

Khao Sok National Park is only a few hours 'drive from Phuket and Suratthani, and is one of the world's top three karst terrains. The remote location can protect the park from environmental damage that is caused by excessive tourists. Scientists have found that the tropical rainforest here also has more interesting flora and fauna.

Khao Sok National Park is a magical place and it is known for its pristine rainforest, rugged limestone, incredible waterfalls, dense mangroves, straight towering ancient trees, the world 's largest flowers and diverse flora and fauna. There are 48 species of mammals in the park. Wild elephants, monkeys, gibbons, deer, wild dogs, and cloud cats can be seen everywhere. The pristine tropical rain forests, mangroves and other plants provide a good ecological environment for birds to inhabit, and make it become a place where many birds live. The most common birds here include hornbills, bi-horned hornbills, eight-color birds, and banded birds. Wide-billed ducks, cuckoos and other rare birds can also be seen here.

There are many jungle activities in Khao Sok National Park, such as jungle elephant riding, field cow cart tour, off-road jeep, rubber cutting, monkey show, etc., allowing tourists to enter the jungle, experience and visit the rainforest world, which can enrich knowledge and add color to the journey in Thailand.

In addition, the Khlong Saeng River passes through the pristine forest in the park, and the scenery is magnificent and breathtaking. At the same time, every visitor wants to see one of the peculiar flowers in the world: Rafflesia. The diameter of the flower can reach 0.9 meters, but it exudes a carrion-like smell.

Anyway, Khao Sok National Park is still a great place for outdoor exploration if you are interested.

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