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Last Updated: December 18,2019

Thai massage is regarded as part of the art, science and culture of traditional Thai healthcare. It has been added to a prestigious UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, which features traditions and practices passed across the generations.

​What is Thai Massage?

Thai massage consists of a unique blend of passive stretching, assisted yoga, and pressing movements. The procedure is often more energizing than other types of massage. Thai massage is an Asian massage therapy that is similar to yoga without actually doing the work, because the therapist conducting the procedure moves and stretches you in multiple postures, usually on a mat. Similar to shiatsu, Thai massage is designed to align the body's energies. The massage therapist typically uses rhythmic compression on the body's energy points to improve flexibility, and reduce stress. The procedure is often done fully clothed and can reduce back pain as well as muscle spasticity. It has been found to treat balance issues and migraine efficiently.

Thai massage makes people relax.

What Differentiates Thai Massage From Other Massage Types? 

The difference between Thai massage and other procedures is that Thai technique uses pressure points, compression and muscle stretching in a rhythmic pattern. When carrying out a professional massage, therapists use both their feet, hands, elbows, knees and forearms. The procedure is performed on a mat without oils and on top of clothes. 

What are the Benefits of Massage Therapy?

Body massage is generally seen as alternative and complementary medicine. It is occasionally offered along with standard medicine for a broad range of medical conditions. The benefits of massage show that the therapy is an effective alternative treatment for stress reduction, muscle tension and pain. Despite its many benefits, massage shouldn't be regarded as a replacement for regular medicine. With this in mind let's highlight what Thai massage is about below. 

How Did Thai Massage Originate? 

Thai massage was invented by Shivago Komarpaj; a Pāli Buddhist Canon believed to be Buddha's doctor 2,500 years ago. Komarpaj is noted in ancient writings for his extraordinary knowledge of holistic medicine and alternative medical skills, as well as having treated essential individuals in his time including Buddha. Again Thai massage has been influenced by a combination of techniques from India, China, holistic medicine and the Southeast Asian cultural sphere. Historians believe that the method of Thai massage practiced today is the result of a 19th-century combination of a wide range of healing traditions across the kingdom.

What Types of Thai Massage Exist?

  • Thai Foot Massage

Apart from full set of massage, you can also just do a simple foot massage.

Thai Foot Massage works on the feet and lower legs. The procedure is invigorating and relaxing involving the hands on massage, and stretching as well as acupressure to reinvigorate the reflex points. For Thai Foot Massage, a traditional massage stick is used as well as the palms, fingers, thumbs and knuckles during the process. Thai Foot Massage is an excellent choice for tired feet. It improves circulation and lymphatic movement as well as flexibility.

  • Thai Water/Hydro Massage

Hydro/water massage involves using water pressure to implement massage techniques on the body. The therapy is designed to alleviate muscle and tissue injuries from low back pain, and arthritis to name a few. 

  • Thai Herbal Massage 

This option involves the use of hot compresses of different herbs bound into fabric tightly. They are massaged and pressed hard all over the client's body to stimulate their senses and soothe their muscles. Thai poultices incorporate herbs like turmeric, lemongrass, cinnamon, kaffir lime, camphor tree, and tamarin. 

  • Thai Hot Stone Massage 

The hot stone knead option is an excellent massage therapy where the therapist uses smooth, warmed stones, as an extension of their hands, or putting them on the client's body while kneading different areas of the body. This option could be profoundly unwinding and can loosen tight muscles allowing the therapist to work more rapidly with high intensity.

Prepare for a Thai Massage

What Type of Clothing is used during the Procedure?

During most Bangkok massage procedures, the client is given a shirt and pants, then taken to a changing room. You can use your clothes, but it will be more relaxing to wear the clothing given to you before the therapy. They are loose, clean, and more comfortable.

Most massage shops offer loose clothing.

What is The Principle behind This Massage Therapy?

As stated earlier, the oriental massage focuses on the energy lines of the body. When you are ill, the energy flow within your body becomes blocked and won't flow freely. Thai massage encourages energy flow within your body, bringing balance and harmony. The therapist who practice the procedure have an intuitive sense as well as the ability to know the pressure points. They know how long to press, as well as how to release muscle tension and stretch the tight muscle which in turn encourages the flow of energy throughout the body.

Who is Thai Massage Recommended Mostly For? 

Experts in the procedure say that Thai massage is the best option for people who are struggling with intense muscular tension, as well as mind and body fatigue. Thai massage is also an alternative treatment option for people with emotional stress and anxiety. 

What Tips Can Help You During a Thai Massage? 

It is wise to inform the therapist conducting the procedure if you are hurt during the process. This approach is different from the massages that Westerners practice. Some masseuses may walk on you. In fact, Thai massages are not gentle. We must point out that occasionally, Thai massages can feel unpleasant or even painful. The masseuse will decide to make the procedure less intense or more intense depending on factors like the client's body size and age. Occasionally, the therapist may be unaware that you are in pain, so it is wise to inform them that you are hurt. 

What Conditions Can Exempt You From Going For a Thai Massage? 

Thai massage is more intense than other massage options. As is the case with massages in general, specific health issues may exclude you from undergoing the procedure safely. The reason for this is that a Thai massage procedure may result in you with an adverse effect because of your medical or health issues. It is essential to avoid undergoing a Thai massage if you suffer from an acute illness, or you are pregnant or recovering from surgery. If you have a health problem, you should inform the therapist in advance so that he or she will plan since they know what to expect. 

What Should You Avoid Before The Procedure?

Do not eat heavily before going for a massage. Make sure your therapist has a complete health history of you because people with some health problems should not go for a Thai massage. 

How Much Does it Cost to Get a Thai Massage?

The cost of a Thai massage typically depends on the massage spa or location of the therapy. However, you can receive a one-hour full body massage session for ฿200 ($6) in a less luxurious massage spa. There are more expensive options that will give you an hour session for ฿500 ($15). It is essential to tip your therapists even though tipping isn't a custom in Thailand.  Massage sessions are incredibly cheap in the country no matter the option you desire whether it is lymphatic massage, neuromuscular massage or a couples massage session.

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