Which is Better: Phuket vs Patthaya for Honeymoon?

Last Updated: December 28,2021

Phuket and Patthaya look like at twins, both are coastal city, dramatic, offer many water sports and a vibrant nightlife. A honeymoon to either of them guarantees experience packed adrenaline-fueled activities, shopping at street vendors, immersive cultural shows and sun kissed beaches.

They are somewhat similar, so it can be difficult to draw comparisons. Only a real connoisseur could tell the difference between these destinations. We are here to help you choose the one!

Best time to visit?

Phuket: November – April

The best time to visit Phuket is between November and April when weather conditions are ideal for beach activities. The other time is also good for land activities but less beach time.

Patthaya: All-year around

Patthaya land activities is so rich that you can almost skip its beach activities. Thus, you can visit almost all year round. The rain in Thailand's low season is sudden and fast while causes little effect on land activities.


Phuket: The largest island in southern Thailand

Phuket is located on the west coast facing Andaman Sea. The calculated flying distance from Bangkok to Phuket is 690.4 km. There are direct flights to Phuket too from many countries.

Patthaya: Coastal city on the Gulf of Thailand

Pattaya is a coastal city on the Gulf of Thailand. Patthaya, on the other hand, can be reached from Bangkok in 2 hours by bus. The road distance is 148.5 km.


Phuket: A synonym for southern Thailand beaches

They both have beaches and islands. But if you're really going to swim at the beach, rather than in the hotel's pool, Phuket is a better choice. Phuket has no less than 40 beaches with numerous smaller surrounding islands! Plenty of choice for different budget & interests, from socialized to quiet, from budget to luxury.

Most popular beaches for honeymoon:

Kata Beach

- Karon Beach

- Kamala Beach

Patthaya: A melt pot of beach and city

On the contrast, Patthaya is a dramatic balance between urban and beach life. Patthaya offers some island hopping to outer islets - honeymooners in Patthaya usually take ferry to Koh Larn Island or go to Jomtien Beach nearby.

But for beach, visitor usually do sunbath and only look at the water at Pattaya Beach. The beaches in Phuket are far superior to the dirty ones in Pattaya.

- First time to Patthaya


Phuket: Island hopping, water sports & culture

Phuket is larger than Patthaya, the activities in Phuket is rich than Patthaya. If you want a longer honeymoon, such as 7-10 days, you could consider Phuket as your honeymoon destination.

Phuket will offer more in the way of tours to outer islands, but obviously still has nightlife and shopping, particularly in Patong beach. If you like snorkeling and swimming, head for famous Phang Nga Bay and Phi Phi Island.

For land tours, Phuket offer a variety of tours of different kind. If you like jungle adventure, head for Khao Sok National Park and elephant jungle sanctuary; if you like exotic culture, just enjoy a show of Thai history or visit Wat Chalong; if you like a honeymoon relax, just have a beachfront dinner or couple spa.

- Top 10 Best Local Restaurants in Phuket

Phuket is friendlier to honeymooners and couples who want an immersive experience of beach.

- Top 10 Things to Do in Phuket

Patthaya: Nightlife, ladyboy & Walking Street

Patthaya is probably more fun, cheaper and easy-to-reach for a honeymoon of 3-6 days. Compared with Phuket, honeymooners to Patthaya usually leans towards a crowd which fancies fashion atmosphere, vibrant nightlife and budget tour packages.

- Travelling to Pattaya for the First Time

For culture sightseeing, The Sanctuary of Truth, Big Buddha Hill, and the Buddha Mountain are some of the major places in Pattaya. The Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden is an absolute favorite among couples.

Although Patthaya is much more land-oriented, it does have a good beach option on Koh Larn.

- Top 10 Best Things to do in Pattaya

Overall, Pattaya is relatively more affordable honeymoon destination in Thailand.


Phuket: A lot of night bazaars

Phuket is the biggest city in the south of Thailand, its shopping places either. You can find as many shopping malls as Bangkok. Most importantly, honeymooners to Phuket probably doesn't visit Bangkok. Shopping in Phuket will not disappoint you.

Along with beach bazaars and malls, Phuket Weekend Markets are a delight among tourists for their unique and exotic handmade goodies. The weekly Phuket Walking Street market has recently been established and is a hit among tourists. Phuket is renowned for its handicrafts made from coconuts and sea shells. Hand in hand with your sweetheart, you two will have a funny time hanging around here.

Patthaya: Better to shop in Bangkok

If you stay on Patthaya Second Road or Beach Road, you will find very easy to walk to malls and street vendors. But for a short honeymoon in Patthaya, we would suggest you enjoy your precious beach time. You could get better deals shopping in Bangkok for most visitors would spend the final night in Bangkok. Skytrain/Airport Rail Link will get you back to the airport.

How to reach

Both Phuket and Patthaya have international airport, but Phuket offer more airlines from western countries.

Phuket: Phuket International Airport (HKT)

Patthaya: U-Tapao Patthaya International Airport (UTP)

Flights from other countries


Departure Arrival Time
Los Angeles (LAX) via Hong KongPhuket (HKT)20 hrs 10 mins
Toronto (YYZ) via Seoul22 hrs 40 mins
Melbourne (MEL)8 hrs 50 mins
London (LHR) via Bangkok14 hrs 35 mins


Pattaya can be reached from Bangkok in 2 hours by bus. Most visitors will arrive Bangkok first, spend some days in Patthaya and return to Bangkok in the last day.

Departure Arrival Time
Los Angeles (LAX) via Hong KongBangkok (BKK)19 hrs 10 mins
Toronto (YYZ) via Guang Zhou22 hrs 20 mins
Melbourne (MEL)9 hrs 25 mins
London (LHR)11 hrs 30 mins
Singapore (SIN)2 hrs 25 mins
India (DEL)4 hrs 35 mins

If you directly fly to Patthaya, most flights will have more stops.

Departure ArrivalTime
Los Angeles (LAX) via Beijing, PhuketPatthaya(UTP)1 day 13 hrs
Toronto (YYZ) via Taipei, Chiang Mai

1 day 6 hrs 25 mins

Melbourne (MEL) via Bangkok, Chiang Mai
22 hrs 40 mins
London (LHR) via Muscat, Kuala Lumpur
23 hrs 55 mins
Singapore (SIN) via Phuket
6 hrs 35 mins
India (DEL) via Phuket
9 hrs 10 mins


When it comes to travel budget, Pattaya would sweep it away in any Phuket vs Pattaya comparison. The average cost of a Phuket honeymoon package for 2 person is roughly 1.5 times than that of Patthaya.

Tailor for your own honeymoon and get an all-inclusive quote.

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