A Honeymoon in Phuket: best time, place to visit, things to do & hotel

Last Updated: December 07,2021

Needless to speak, Phuket is always the best destination for honeymoon in Thailand. Phuket is the biggest and most prosperous city of Thailand where you will find indulged in an atmosphere of vitality and a romantic place which can rival Maldives in the Indonesia and Hawaii in the United States in terms of beach.

The gorgeous scenery of Phang Nga Bay and Phi Phi Island is one of the main highlights that will linger visitors' mind owing to its Karst mountain feature on the clear sea and colorful coral.

As night descends the entire coast, the seaside bars and restaurants will be lit up by dizzily colorful lights joined monthly by the Half Moon Party.

Some parts of Phuket are included in Thailand natural parks or reserve area, and for the variety of scenic areas, snorkeling or diving, the jungle trekking and interesting cultural and historical sites, it worth an all-included honeymoon.

Do carry this guide for Phuket honeymoon with you to have the best trip of your life!

Phuket Honeymoon

Best time to visit Phuket for honeymoon

November to February are the best time to visit Phuket for your honeymoon. If you do mean lots of beach activities, the weather is dry and cool, neither typhoon nor too much rain, and there are lots of islands open for hopping.

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Places to Visit in Phuket Honeymoon

The following experience have been designed for couples and can be flexibly combined with your tour in Phuket. Consider these activities to be just like adding some shiny little surprise for your partners. Add it and make your Phuket honeymoon tour a difference.

Sunset Cruise in Phang Nga Bay

Enjoy a romantic sunset cruise

Candlelit dinner buffet accompanied by wine

Board the traditional Chinese junk glides the sea of Phang Nga Bay. Take a seat in the alcove and relax to atmospheric music from wind and waves. Stop for the best spot for sunset, enjoy a Thai seafood BBQ.

For special honeymoon guests, UME will prepare a lovely surprise of champagne or cake. Drink a toast to this lovely experience on this natural wonder!

Take a traditional longtail boat tour

Memorable snorkeling and sea caves

Longtail boat is like Instagram hottest photos

Phang Nga can also be visit by longtail boat, just like what you saw on Instagram. You are the best model here! Enjoy viewing the spectacular scenery of Phang Nga Bay and snorkeling with colorful marine animals.

UME will help you to capture the romantic moment by taking photos. There will be one more wonderful freeze frame shared in your blog or Instagram.

Shooting tour around Phuket

Private honeymoon-oriented photographer

Best place & time for photoshoot

Send all photos

All our photographer are locals and have plenty of experience to make your shooting a fun honeymoon moment. You're guaranteed to remember your Thailand honeymoon forever with some lovely photos. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for couples in Phuket.

UME offers two programs for different requires – 2 hour basic program on beach or 8 hour around the island.

For a 2-hour custom photoshoot, we would like to suggest our guest start at 6:30 am for a beautiful sunrise or 4:40 pm in the afternoon for sunset. You will have the best moment on beach! You can bring some different clothes to change in our 2-hour package.

Longer shooting tour will take you to the viewpoints around Phuket island by private van. Visit some famous attractions in Phuket, including Karon view point, Promthep Cape, Big Buddha and Wat Chalong while our photoshoots allow you to become completely immersed in your vacation with Thailand's exotic local as the backdrop.

Funny Thai cooking class with your partner

Hand-on-hand experience to makes love more keen

A lovely and authentic tasting experience

Relax and have fun, this is like seasoning for your trip.

Trying Thai cooking when visit Phuket is a great way to relax and experience a beloved food tour. This experience is perfect for couples who want to experience cooking together while study some authentic dishes.

By the end of this experience, you would sample the lovely lunch your partner made for you. Bring this cooking method to your new home after marriage. Every time you cook Thai dishes for your families, it will bring back memories of your Phuket honeymoon.

Two Hour Thai Massage Session at the award-winning Oasis Spa

An excellent spa service after flight.

A head-to-toe relax and reward yourself

Private couple treatment

Usually, Traditional Thai massage can be found everywhere in Thailand streets, but we suggest to do this in a chain brand to protect your privacy and health. Its spa service is one of the best in Thailand and it is good value for money.

Usually, Phuket is the last leg of your Thailand honeymoon so put down your backpack, lay down and enjoy a full body spa treatment. Two-hour couple spa will make you feel refreshed and full of energy at the end of your honeymoon holiday.

Best Honeymoon Beaches

Phuket has a long coastline. From north to south, you will have a lot of options for your best honeymoon. Patong and surrounding is the must busy part in Phuket. It has the most vividly bars, restaurants and walking street at the same time. While for a more tranquil place, northern Phuket might be your taste.

Kata Beach – The southern tip of Phuket

Khao Lak - Rainforests Within Beaches

Paradise Beach – Half Moon Beach party

Patong Beach – Colorful nightlife & night bazaar

Koh Phang Nga – Romantic shooting place

Koh Tao – Experience the best snorkeling

Best Honeymoon Hotels

We know that a nice honeymoon hotel is important in your vacation. Nice resorts add more romantic and pleasant memory to couples. Our recommendation not only focus on the star standard but also the real experience and the service for western guests.

Real unique scenery and good service is always our standard. We use only those that continuously receive positive feedback. Some boutique hotels have unique design or location; we also suggest these as far as you tell us your interests.

Briefly, you will find a large variety of honeymoon resort in middle Phuket, that is around Patong Beach. Villas, resorts, bungalow, resort with private pool or infinite pool, all you can find different types. But in peak season, northern Phuket such as Kamala Beach, Bang Tao Beach and Surin Beach will be better for traffic and a quiet beach.

Please tell us your hotel choice to your travel advisor who will tailor-make the tour for you.

See more:

Best Restaurants for a Candlelit Dinner

A scenic seaside candlelit dinner just for two - Make your honeymoon the best Valentine's Day

Do you want a scenic seaside candlelit dinner in Phuket? What's the last time you had a romantic dinner with your partner? Don't let the opportunity pass by. Plan for something extravagant for her/him!

Slow your pace as you walk amid warm sea wind and have a seaside candlelit dinner at sunset. The smell of fresh seafood, pop of opening cork, the whispers of your two, the pulsing of rhythm, and the lovely blushes reflect by candles, what could go better with a candlelit dinner in your honeymoon in Phuket?

We hand-pick some of the best restaurants in Phuket which offer unique view, private tables, champagne/wine and good food. Thai or international dishes is your choice. Their menu is filled with wonderful local distinct cuisine and flavors. Some guests like to dress for supper.

Which is Better for a Honeymoon: Phuket or ...

It's one of the most frequently asked questions. But it's so hard to choose because all of them are so amazing! While they do have very a little different feels and target audience. Honestly, different types of couples will flock to different destination.

Couples that want to feel more civilization, and society, will prefer Phuket and Pattaya, couples who enjoy feeling 'off the bitten track' will like Krabi and Lanta, whereas couples who in love of an island to themselves, will love Koh Phi Phi.

UME 1-1 travel advisor will happy to help you decide which one is better if you are deciding among those destination for your honeymoon.

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