Pattaya Walking Street

Last Updated: April 26,2021

Walking Street in Pattaya is the most busy party hot spot near Bangkok and almost the top one in Thailand. Compared with a few clubs in Bangkok, those in Pattaya are larger and much more options for different people. From the high-tech gateway at the end of the beach to the end of Bali Ocean Plaza, almost every building is a bar, nightclub, beer bar or a restaurant.

There's a big difference between the day and the night's Pattaya Walking Street. This street is only alive when the night fall. There are all kinds of snacks, bars and restaurants on both sides of the street. There are often music and Thai boxing performances in bars. Each street from Soi14 to Soi16 has a pair of unique named streets and, more importantly, to make the southern tip of the city a night-life, and almost everyone has a taste.


Where is Pattaya Walking Street?

Pattaya Walking Street is a synonym for the Pattaya red light district. These area is mainly distributed in the "Central District". This rectangular area is where the Soi 1 and Soi 2 located. There are more than 10,000 bars in this district, each with an average of more than 20 staff. 

The both sides of the Walking street are bars and dance halls, girls accosting and inviting passerby to come in. Pattaya Walking Street is at the southern end of Thanon Pattayasainueeng (also known as the Beach Road), and there is a big Walking Street signal at the entrance. 

Ladyboy in Walking Street Pattaya

Ladyboy Show

You can see the ladyboy show in these two places, one is Tiffany Cabaret Show, Asian style, the other is the Alcazar Cabaret Show, which is for European and American favor. The price of the ladyboy show is generally between 400baht and 800baht. At the end of the show, the actors will gave audiences a warm send at the exit, at which time you can pay for a shot. Be sure to ask for the price in advance. The price of different positions may be higher.

Ladyboy in Bars

The short time bars with ladyboys are mainly at Soi 6/1, and several go go bars at Soi13/4, also some ladyboy massage shops at Soi13/1. There are some ladyboys on the street opposite Royal Garden Plaza.

Gay beach

This is the only gay beach in Pattaya. The gay parade will be held at Pattaya Street by the end of November and 1st December (World AIDS Day) each year.

Bars in Walking Street

Bars and clubs here come in many shapes and sizes. Typically, a bar includes a central stage with several poles, 10-20 dancing girls, and a lots of seating around the stage. Between songs and dancing, the girls will hang out with the crowd and are happy to have the opportunity to chat in exchange for a lady drink.

Bars recommended here have their own characteristics, all enjoyed a high reputation and very popular each night.

Beautiful girls: Sensation, Palace, Baccara Agogo

Skilled performance: What's Up, The Iron Club

Adult performance: Windmill. diamond, Sugar Baby and Crazy house

Russia girls: XO Club, Galaxy Cabaret


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