Samui International Airport

Last Updated: July 13,2020

Samui International Airport, whose IATA code is USM and ICAO code is VTSM, is a world-famous garden airport, one of the world's TOP10 airports, and it is known as the world's most beautiful airport. Hundreds of flowers and green plants are planted throughout the airport. It can be said that it is an intoxicating airport. In the Samui International Airport, you will feel that this is a high-end resort or a rainforest park. Only when the plane occasionally lands next to you, you will realize that this is an international airport.

Samui International Airport

Airport Environment of Samui International Airport

The airport has two buildings with one each for the international and domestic lines. The international line building is only about 50 meters away from the domestic line building. There are 2 terminals near the airport. And the Big Buddha Pier is nearby, where passengers can take a ferry to Ko Pha Ngan; the other is Maenam Beach Pier, which is located about 6 kilometers northwest of the airport, providing high-speed ferries to Koh Tao and Chumphon.

Open Air Airport

At Samui International Airport, you will feel the plane landing next to you. The building of Samui Airport is fully open. Whether it is the waiting hall, customs or coffee shop, all are located in thatched buildings. Except for duty-free shops and toilets, there are no walls here!

Free Delicious Refreshments and WIFI

Afternoon tea at Samui International Airport is well-received. Pasta, fruit, ice, popcorn, rice dumplings, and a variety of beverages are all available, which are not only free but also extremely delicious. At Samui International Airport, eating delicious food, singing songs, experiencing the high-quality free wifi at the airport, enjoying the birds circling around, watching the plane that takes you home slowly landing on the side, it is really so enjoyable!

Sightseeing Train and Children's Playground

Another feature of Samui Airport is the shuttle bus used for the shuttle, which is also like a small sightseeing train in the playground! The airport also features children's playground, large slides, small slides, single rocking horses, and double rocking horses, which can be said to be very child friendly!

Huge Aquarium in the Bathroom

The "Aquarium-style toilet" here is also the world's coolest. A four-meter-long and one-meter-high aquarium on each side ensures that you are not bored when you go to the toilet. Of course, the cleanliness is comparable to Japanese toilets.

Transportation from Samui Airport to Popular Hotels

Although there is no subway or light rail in Koh Samui, the road transportation from the airport to popular hotels is quite convenient, and whether it is a mini bus or a taxi, the price is marked according to the location and the price! If you have more people and more luggage, you can call airport taxi directly. If you are just a couple, it is more cost-effective to take the airport minibus.

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