Thai Transportation Introduction: Tuk Tuks in Thailand

Last Updated: July 14,2020

As a tourist country, Thailand has many different modes of public transportation, including: Plane, Train, Coach Bus, Boat, Bus, MRT&BTS, Taxi Meter, Song Taew, Tuk Tuk, Grab, Mobike, etc. Here we are to introduce one of the convenient transportation modes in Thailand: Tuk Tuk.

The Thai tuk tuk actually evolved from the tricycle. It is famous because the engine emits a huge "beep" sound while driving. There are many colors of tuk-tuk in Thailand. Bangkok's Tuk Tuk is mainly blue. Generally, a tuk tuk can carry 2-4 passengers. Compared with the Song Taew, the price of taking the tuk tuk is a little more expensive, which is about 30-40 baht for a short distance, and 50-100 baht for a longer distance, depending on your bargaining ability. Tuk tuk is available in major tourist cities in Thailand, and it is a special experience to take it during your Thai trip. But kindly remind that the oil they burned has some smell, and some people may feel it less environmentally friendly.

Due to its small size, tuk-tuk is not affected by traffic jams and is relatively flexible. Many drivers drive fast, and you must pay attention to safety when riding, and do not stick your heads out of the tuk-tuk. Since it is the convertible type transportation mode, you should also pay attention to keep personal belongings to avoid theft. Some unscrupulous drivers will talk to tourists and deceive you to go to the attractions which are not open to the public, and take you to other places or some deceptive shops. In this case, everyone must be vigilant.

Tuk tuks in Bangkok

In the speeding tuk-tuk, you will feel that time has slowed down. When you take the tuk-tuk, you need let the driver know where you want to go in five minutes. After five minutes of bargaining with the driver, it takes you two minutes to reach your destination.

Tuktuk Hop is a great tool for your independent travel in the old city of Bangkok. Tuktuk Hop will help your eating and shopping in the old city happily. This may be the most convenient, reliable, cost-effective, interesting, and comprehensive old city tourist transportation solution in Bangkok. Tuktuk Hop provides integrated tuk-tuk service within Bangkok old city. To put it simply, Tuktuk Hop is a Tuk Tuk pass in the old city of Bangkok. It will charge once within one day. It is free to ride the Tuk Tuk within the range of the old city. Compared with traditional transportation schemes, Tuktuk Hop will make your journey in Thailand easier and more convenient. Just try it when you are travelling at Thailand.

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