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Last Updated: July 14,2020

Phnom Penh is located in the delta between the Mekong River and Tonle Sap Lake. It is the capital and largest city of Cambodia. It is also the political, economic, cultural, transportation, trade, and religious center of Cambodia.

Top Attractions in Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh is a popular tourist city. There are many monuments and scenic spots in the city, including Wat Phnom, Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, National Museum of Cambodia, Silver Pavilion, Boeung Kak Lake, Independence Monument, etc. The most famous landmarks in Phnom Penh are the Royal Palace of Phnom Penh and the National Museum. They are magnificent and impressive. And the Royal Palace is a group of buildings that is surrounded by golden roofs and yellow walls, including more than 20 palaces of various sizes such as the Zengchaya Hall, the Golden Hall, the Silver Hall, the Dance Hall, and the Treasure Hall. Phnom Penh also retains the evidence of the dark rule of the Khmer Rouge period, allowing countless people to remember this history and be grateful for the peaceful years. There are many monks in Phnom Penh, which can be said to be one of the cities with the highest proportion of religious occupations in the world. There are many temples and towering stupas. The modern Phnom Penh city, with its neat and spacious boulevards and elegant and beautiful French villas everywhere in the city, is a very beautiful city.

Phnom Penh

Best Travel Time

The weather in Phnom Penh has a tropical climate and is very humid and hot due to the high air pressure in the Gulf of Thailand (Siam Bay) and the Indian Ocean. The climate is divided into two major seasons. March to October is the "rainy season", the temperature and humidity are relatively high, and the temperature can occasionally rise to 38-39 ℃ in extreme hot days; November to April is the "dry season", the low temperature is about 22℃, but still not cool and is hot during the day. The annual average temperature in Phnom Penh is between 28-34℃. The best tourist season in Phnom Penh is between November and January when the temperature is suitable. The temperature is relatively comfortable, and there is not much rain and it is dry and pleasant.

Dressing Guide

Phnom Penh has a tropical climate and you can prepare the summer clothes. Due to the intense light, it is recommended to apply a lot of sunscreen, wear sunglasses and a sun visor to avoid sunburn. When you travel in the rainy season, don't forget to bring an umbrella.


The currency name of Cambodia is Riel. Coins are only used for collection. Paper currency denominations are 100R, 200R, 500R, 1000R, 2000R, 5000R, 10000R and 50000R. Like most Asian countries, the US dollar is commonly used in many places in Cambodia, and hotels, restaurants, attractions tickets, air tickets, ferry tickets, taxis, motorcycles, souvenirs, etc. are all charged in US dollars.

Cambodian Phnom Penh Customs

Cambodians love to entertain guests with traditional meals. The staple food is rice, and the non-staple food is mainly fish, shrimp, lettuce and salad. Famous dishes to be served include smoked fish, egg shrimps, grilled shrimp balls, vegetarian dishes, and cold dishes. Cambodians sit on the floor while eating, grabbing the rice with their hands, wrapping the food in the lettuce leaves prepared in advance, dipping the condiment and sending it to their mouths. Many households also use tableware such as knives, forks and chopsticks. After eating, guests should praise the rich and delicious food and thank the host for the hospitality.

Phnom Penh Festivals

Khmer New Year: April 13 to April 15

Visakha Puja: June 15th in the Buddhist calendar

Chat Preah Nengkal: On the 4th of bottom chord in June in the Buddhist calendar

Pchum Ben: October 1st to 15th in the Buddhist calendar

Bon Om Tuk: Celebrate three days at the full moon of the Buddhist calendar in December

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