Top 10 superior things to do in northern Thailand

Last Updated: February 23,2020

Thailand has so many places you can visit. There are unusual and authentic locations worth exploring in the Northern provinces that are not regarded as a place you can tour, compared to other regions in Thailand. You should visit Northern Thailand if you are interested in a slower pace and a genuine Thai experience and check out any of these 15 top places to visit. There are several fun-loving activities you can do in Northern Thailand, here are the top 10 things to do Northern Thailand.

1. Take a cruise along the Mekong River

Take a cruise along the Mekong River

Have you heard about the mighty Mekong River? It is an expansive river that separates Thailand and its neighbor country Laos. You can take a cruise along this river from Chian Khan to Luang Prabang on the Laos side, it is very beautiful and exciting. Just a day trip along this river will give you the perception of the people who live around and it is quite lovely.

2. Visit the hill tribes of Northern Thailand

There are people in the Northern provinces of Thailand that are colonized by the Northern Thailand hill tribes, these people arrived in the area from Tibet, Burma and China and communities and a small place for farming in mostly the hill part. The Lisu, Karen, Akha, Hmong tribes are situated in different agrarian areas of Northern Thailand

3. Visit the Elephant Nature Park

Elephant Nature Park

Elephant Nature Park is a fantastic eco-tourism site. The reason it was created was for the abused and neglected elephants, so it serves as a rescue and rehabilitation center for them. In the world, it is regarded as one of the few elephant sanctuaries. Tourist troop in to see these elephants and also learn the plight and history in Thailand.

4. Phu Ruea National Park

Phu Ruea National Park

Phu Ruea is one of the largest national parks in Thailand. It was famously known for its thick fog and its great views of the entire place. Its cooler and persistent fog has made it a wonderful and unusual place to explore. Although you may be hoping for a perfect day when you come here to explore, unfortunately, the fog is unpredictable, but that makes it more fun when exploring this gorgeous park.

5. Go water rafting in Northern Thailand

Water Rafting

In Northern Thailand, there are tributaries and rivers that provide outdoor water and rafting recreation. The Mae Taeng River or Po River is one of the most popular places for enjoying rafting and other outdoor activities, it is about an hour drive north of Chiang Mai. This area serves as a place where rafting companies offer series of easy to more challenging parts of the river.

6. Explore the Golden Triangle

Golden Triangle

The Golden Triangle and park is located in the north of Chiang Rai, and it where the mighty river separates Myanmar, Laos and Thailand. You can visit the Golden Triangle monument, there is a history and the place was regarded as the largest opium-producing region in the past. You will find many local restaurants with nice river views in the area with wonderful scenic views of the Mekong

7. Visit a tea plantation

tea plantation

When driving from either Chiang Mai or in Chian Rai province you will see a variety of tea plantations. There are also up in the cooler mountain, this region is where many of the hill tribes live and they also work on these plantations. The popular Oolong, black, green and white teas are grown and gotten from the tea plantations here. It is interesting to also know that few of the plantations are open to the public for tours and tasting, isn't that lovely?

8. Visit the Chiang Mai palace of the Thai royal family

At Bhubing Palace, just after the famous Mount Temple is the royal family's private residence. It is just outside of Chiang Mai. It is one of the largest Northern Thailand city you can fly to and the grounds are open to the public. The outdoor spaces and the gorgeous gardens are a huge tropical garden. Already, from the set-up of the royal complex, visitors know how the Thai royals live in their palaces in the summer and the other seasons like the temperatures at Chiang Mai.  

9. Explore the funky town of Pai

There are this hippie and Thai fusion like the city just about a drive north of Chiang Mai. Recently, we have come to realize that this city and area has been very popular. If you are looking for really authentic experiences in the north of Chiang Mai, you can explore the funky town of Pai and have the best time of your life. It is not only the beautiful landscapes with rolling hills, canyons and other panoramic views this town is gifted with, you can also visit shrines, beautiful temples, waterfalls, a giant white Buddha and so on.

10. Visit the Golden Mount at the temple or Wat Phra That Doi Suthep

Wat Phra That Doi Suthep

Outside, Chiang Mai is an iconic must visit the temple. It has a gorgeous view when you view from the hill because it is located on a hill. From the myriad of taxi drivers, this temple was nicknamed is Doi Suthep because the taxi drivers will want to drive roundtrip for a higher taxi fare. For a cheaper price on the round-trip fare to the temple, you can take the small buses.

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