What to Pack during Songkran Festival

Last Updated: January 11,2019

1539590898175145.jpgIf you are thinking about to visit Thailand, during the summer season which starts from March and ends in May, then you should take summer clothes and shorts with you to accommodate in Thailand during the hottest time of a year. But in a case, if you want to visit Thailand in April during Songkran Festival, you can't go out during these days without getting waterlogged. It is because people are busy cleaning their houses for new year celebrations and they are visiting temples and enjoying parades; this is free of all water fights. 

So, there are multiple different things that you have to notice while packing your luggage for your tour to Thailand. You can get a better idea about what you should take with you and what you can purchase from the local sellers of Thailand, during your visit to Thailand. These tips can make your tour of Thailand best during the festival of Songkran.

Numbers of outfits requires for a day

If you are going to visit Thailand during the festival of Songkran, then you have to know about the timing of water fights there during these days. Water fights in Thailand during these days start from the morning and ends in the evening till the time 6:00 pm. So, if you are going out of your residence, you have to plan to switch your clothes during the daytime and it is better to let them dry at night. Before 6:00 pm you can enjoy the water fights with the single outfit but after 6:00 pm you have to wear nice and stay dry for the rest of the time. You have to change your clothes if you want to visit other places after 6 pm.

Get waterproof shoes with you

During the celebrations of Songkran, you will get the street flooded with water. That can be a cause of your sandal breakage. And surely you do not want to walk on the road with barefoot. You can get a pair of plain flip-flops made of plastic from Old Navy easily. Do not prefer to buy a fancy cris-cross pair of shoes; it is because if they get soaked, they will take much longer time to dry out. And if you are going to wear them in the beach area, you can never get rid of sand. And the tiny pieces of sand can rub your feet. 

Get a swimsuit or the clothes that can be dried easily

During the visit of any place, it is better to wear an appropriate outfit according to the climate or surrounding. So, it is a better option to wear comfy clothes, because that can get dry easily. Shorts and vest tops are highly recommended to wear during this visit but avoid to wear anything in white color. 

You can get most of the locals there wearing floral shirts of bright colors during the celebrations. If you are not planning to visit a temple, then it is better to go out with shorts and tops. Flower shirts are the most favorite piece to wear among Thai's and foreigners there; they love to wear them. 

Woman outfit styles for celebrations of Songkran

 Girls! Try to avoid to wear white shirts or white trousers during Songkran celebrations; it is because it can lead you to an awkward situation. You have to use your common sense while being dressed up in the modest country like Thailand and hottest weather of it. You can wear a swimsuit or bathing suit, but beach places in Thailand are being considered very rude. Although you can find many of tourist wearing their swimsuit and enjoying the celebrations of Songkran. You can follow Thai samples to cover up the things. 

Waterproof necklace or money case

You can get waterproof necklace very easily from the stalls around you who are selling water guns there. You can get an expensive one for a better look. A necklace of 60 baht may be a bit expensive for someone, but it has more clear plastic on both sides. You can get a money case made of plastic from there too to save your money from water. You can put your money and mobile phone in that case and hang that around your neck for your ease. And a big benefit of having that plastic case is that you can get pictures with your phone because of its clear plastic. 

Take a waterproof camera with you

If you want to take your camera to capture the memories, it is better to have a plastic bag too for that. But it will be better to get a waterproof camera. It is because, at the ending of celebrations, most of the people get soaked mobile phones and cameras that are not workable anymore.

Make your passport safe

According to the Law of Thailand, you have to carry your passport with you at every place you are going to visit. During Songkran celebrations, your important documents can get wet. It is better to take photocopies of documents with you and keep original at your residence. 

Water Guns: a better thing to enjoy

Thai people who equipped with a large water gun,To enjoy the celebrations, it is recommended to pick a water gun that you can get easily from any stall. Water guns are available in different price ranges according to size. Enjoy the blast of water streams. 


If you want to get something interesting, it is better to invest in goggles that are available in a variety of colors there. You can match the color of goggles easily with your outfit. These can keep your eyes safe because a direct blast of water stream on your eyes can cause damage.

Visit Thailand in Songkran Festival

This is all about what you can do to make your trip more enjoyable. So, get packed and enjoy your visit now! UME Travel pack also your whole Thailand tour. If you want a easy booking, just stop struggling in numberous guides; we have the best proffesional local experts. You can look the following tours for inspiration and inquiry us with your specific needs and interests. We will make an unique tour for you! Easy and save your efforts.

2019 Songkran Carnival: 5 days Bangkok - Pattaya

What's you can expect in your creazy Songkran tour:

  • Water Battle by Tuk Tuk and get into the heart of the water battle!

  • Water Party in Silom Road. Spot the firetrucks ambushed at each intersection with their incredibly powerful water hoses.

  • Continue to Pattaya where helds a week-long Songkran celebration and colorful nightlife.

  • Celebrate like a local: Form a Sand Pagoda & Watch Bathing Rites of Buddha Image

  • Elephant sanctuary: wearing Karen clothing and bath these cute creatures.

Check out the following links to learn more about our Thailand tours and get a head start today on planning your hassle-free vacation!

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