Car Rental in Thailand

Last Updated: November 28,2018

Car Rental in Thailand To make your traveling experience memorable. Get a car on rent to explore the country you are going to visit. 

Tourists or visitors prefer to rent a car when they want to explore the country. You can find the opportunity to rent a car on your own, or you get a car with the driver too. Its all based on your need. But if you are visiting a place the first time, then it is better to rent a car with the driver because you do not know well about the place. You can find many companies that are offering a car with driver for rent that can save you from the various problems that you can suffer from while driving in an unknown country. It is because you may not be familiar with the driving rules of Thailand. Having a driver with the car can give you much time to enjoy the scenes by looking out the window. 

If you are going to hire a driver for the full day in Thailand, it will be a kind thing to offer him some food for lunch. He will surely refuse once for that. But it will be an appreciated act from you if you are going to give him something to eat. 

Costs of renting a car

Prices of renting aa car can be different in different areas. This cost depends on from where you are going to rant a car in Thailand and the time spam for which you need to rent a car. But you can find some famous companies nationwide with standard charges. Names of these companies are Budget Rental Car Avis Rental Car and North Wheels.

If you want to rent a car in Thailand, you have to bear a cost €25 per day, without hiring a driver. 7% VAT is also included in the above-mentioned price. But you may be asked to pay some deposit as a guarantee for renting a car in Thailand or find a need to show your credit cards there. This is just for the security purpose, nothing else. You can find different car rental companies at the nearest sites of the airport, for example, Phuket Airport, Suvarnabhumi Airport (Bangkok) and Don Mueang Airport.  

Tips to drive a rental car by yourself 

If you want to rent a car without a driver, we have some tips for you:

  • Drive the car on the left side.

  • Do not forget to adopt the local terms and conditions of the driving.

  • You have to drive a car defensively in Thailand because drivers of buses and taxis are aggressive there. 

  • You can find the behavior of the motorcycle riders quite wild in Thailand. So, be careful from them while driving a car in Thailand.

  • You have to respect the Thai drivers because they have very polite behavior and civilized manners. 

  • If you are not much aware of Thailand, then it will be better for you not to drive at night in Thailand. it is because you may find heavy traffic on the roads of Thailand at night.

Do not forget to check the insurance policy that you are going to be offered by the car rental company while renting a car in Thailand. The company may claim about being a fully insured company, but later you can get the fact that they have insurance of a very basic level.

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