Songkran Festival 2019 in Bangkok

People belong to Thailand love to have fun, enjoy and have fun is a best part of Thai culture. The hottest time of the country is April, but during April whole country celebrates their biggest event which is known as Songkran with having enjoyable water fights and friendly street parties that can go 3-day long. Today, most of people know about this festival because of its huge water fight that people enjoy in the streets of Thailand

If you want to enjoy the celebrations of Songkran Festival in the Bangkok, then following guide can help you a lot.

Where to celebrate Songkran Festival in Bangkok?

Following are some places in Bangkok that you can visit to enjoy the celebrations of Songkran:

Songkran celebrations in Silom street  

A fierce battle in the first day of Songkran Festival.Largest crowd of the Bangkok during the celebrations of Songkran festival in Bangkok, you can find in the street which is most commonly known for Patpong, you can find the two levels of this 5 km long street with thousands of the youngsters having anything that can help them to spray water on others in their hands. The best part to visit this place during the celebrations of Songkran is that you can enjoy the whole celebrations without being soaked into water by staying on the skywalk that is above the street. It means you can be a part of the celebrations of Songkran by seeing from upside. From there you can easily enjoy the complete celebrations, can see the colorful crowd, people walking between the roads and buying the things from the roadside stalls.

Songkran celebrations on Khao San Road 

If you want to be a part of a water fight during the celebrations of Songkran Festival and want to get soaked from head to foot during an enjoyable party, then you must visit Khao San Road. You can find thousands of people there pouring water on each other which can convert the whole Khao San Road into a huge water fight, once you have entered the street, there is no chance to stay dry for you. Both sides of road contain police checkpoints during the celebrations to remove water bottles, water cans and white powder that people use to rub on each other's faces. Do not worry, if you want to get alcohol, you can buy that from the shops there which stays open all the time during the celebrations.

Songkran celebrations in Phra Pradaeng District

If you want to enjoy more traditional celebrations of Songkran Festival, you must go to visit Phra Pradaeng District where you can find Thai-Raman communities to enjoy traditional celebrations. But keep in mind that Songkran celebrations in Phra Pradaeng District take place one week late than central Bangkok and you can find celebrations with rich culture there. You can enjoy a stream of different cultural activities there, Thai Raman flag ceremony is one of them too.

Songkran celebrations in Sanam Luang

Holy celebrations of Songkran Festival take place in Sanam Luang, which is opposite to the Grand Palace (Wat Pho). On the first day of Songkran festival, here you can see the Buddha image that people bring out from the National museum and take it to the streets with a crowd of people. Then they place that image for 3 days and people visit that place to pay their respect to the image. 

What to do during Songkran Festival in Bangkok?

Buddha statues are washed with flower-scented water to carry away the sins and bad luck.You can wander almost every street of Bangkok to enjoy the celebrations of Songkran Festival. You can see people throwing water on each other and enjoying the time. You can see the mix kind of celebrations in Bangkok during these three days of festival. These activities can be a combination of cultural and traditional with an immense water fight to enjoy all the aspects of Songkran celebrations. Following are some things that you can consider to do during the celebrations of Songkran in Bangkok.

  • Join the craziest water fight

  • Visit Holy Temples

  • Have a best party at RCA

  • Attend the S20 music festival

  • Enjoy Songkran parade

1: Join the craziest water fight

A water stream is known as the best way to wash all of your misfortune and to take a new start. You can be a part of huge water fight to seek blessings or to enjoy Songkran celebrations. In the past times, people used to throw small bowls of water on family members or friends to enjoy but now you can see the immense water fights on the streets of Bangkok during the celebrations of Songkran. 

2: Visit Holy Temples 

If you want to enjoy the traditional side of the celebrations of Songkran festival. You can stop at any local temples in Bangkok, you can see many people there paying respect to their Buddha images, honoring monks and washing the statues in temples. 

3: Have a best party at RCA

You can enjoy a nightfall at Bangkok during the celebrations of Songkran Festival. Royal City Avenue (RCA) is the best thing that you can visit to get a best party. 

4: Attend S20 Songkran music festival – the greatest music & water revelry around the world

Biggest music festival that you can during the celebrations of Songkran festival is S20 music festival in Bangkok. You can enjoy the music from the biggest DJs of the world there. This is surely going to be an amazing music festival for you. 

Be a part of the Most Colorful Songkran parade

If you want to enjoy the most colourful parade event of Songkran Festival, you must visit Phra Pradaeng in Samut Prakan. People there celebrate the festival late at the weekend. People there use their cultural dresses which are different than other areas and speak their language. The parade starts from the district office and ends at Wat Protket Chettharam.

Tips to survive Songkran Festival in Bangkok

To enjoy the celebrations of the festival, it is better to get a water gun and a goggle pair. Get simple water because Government of Thailand is not allowing the use of high power water guns for the Songkran celebrations. Get a plastic bag and put all of your valuable things in that to keep them safe. --Read more about How to survive Songkran Festival.

Start your carnival tour in Songkran Festival

If you want to travel to Thailand during these days. The transportation and accommodation will be a big problem. During the holiday, most of them will be sold out months before the festival. The streets will be a grand water carnival. Contact us and we can help you avoid the hassles, and have a Thailand local experience that includes the best of the Songkran Festival!

See below the most popular Thailand tours for inspiration:

2019 Songkran Carnival: 5 days Bangkok - Pattaya

What's you can expect in your creazy Songkran tour:

  • Water Battle by Tuk Tuk and get into the heart of the water battle!

  • Water Party in Silom Road. Spot the firetrucks ambushed at each intersection with their incredibly powerful water hoses.

  • Continue to Pattaya where helds a week-long Songkran celebration and colorful nightlife.

  • Celebrate like a local: Form a Sand Pagoda & Watch Bathing Rites of Buddha Image

  • Elephant sanctuary: wearing Karen clothing and bath these cute creatures.

Bangkok & Island Escape - 7 days Bangkok - Ayutthaya - Phuket

Best of Thailand Culture & Nature Tour - 14 days Bangkok - Ayutthaya - Chiang Rai - Chiang Mai - Phuket

If this still cannot meet your requirements, contact us to customize a super tour for you!

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