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Chiang Mai Honeymoon packages

Chiang Mai Travel Guide

Chiang mai Honeymoon Packages

Chiang Mai is located 700 kilometers north of Bangkok in a valley 300 meters above sea level, known as the "Rose of the North", and compared to other Thai cities that are sticky and hot, this place is exceptionally comfortable and pleasant.

Compared with the prosperous Bangkok, Chiang Mai in the north of Thailand is quiet like a gentleman.

The north has a refreshing romance centered on Chiang Mai, and you can experience more humanity and a more exciting honeymoon than the southern beaches such as Phuket. The north has lower consumption than the capital Bangkok, and the honeymoon is more cost-effective.

Chiang Mai Honeymoon

Join one of the world's most romantic festival - the Water Lantern Festival

As one of the most important festivals in Thailand, the Water Lantern Festival celebration is as grand as the Christmas Day. The festival originated in Sukhothai and has been celebrated for hundreds of years. People release water lanterns to express their gratitude to the river gods and to pray for blessings. There is usually a formal opening ceremony, a blessing ceremony, a parade of lighted cars and boats, and so on.

The most attractive part is the stage of releasing water lanterns and flying Kongming lanterns, which is very impressive when you think about the scene of a thousand people releasing Kongming lanterns at the same time! The river and sky will be lighten by thousands of lanterns.

Without buying tickets, you can also fly near the Tha Pae Gate, where there are more people releasing the lanterns.

A taste of Chiang Mai's ancient cultural heritage - Chiang Mai's Old Town

Chiang Mai old town is a must-see on any trip to Chiang Mai, with its ancient walls and moat still intact. The old city has a quadrangular shape with an earthen wall on the outside and a brick wall on the inside, making it a beautiful sight. The east side of the city is the most well-preserved and distinctive landmark. Many pigeons are attracted by the food in the hands of tourists, making for a spectacular photo opportunity!

The best way to explore the old city is to rent a motorcycle or bicycle and deep into the streets and alleys to experience the leisurely life of the locals in the old city, surrounded by a variety of food and cafes.

If you don't want to go for a walk or dare to ride a motorcycle, UME Travel also has a unique and young way - riding a Segway bike to visit the famous Wat Phra Sing, Wat Chedi Luang, Three Kings Monument and so on, listening to the guide telling the history.

Praying at Wat Phra Singh, the most famous temple in Chiang Mai

In Chiang Mai, where temples are everywhere, it is a must to visit a temple, even if it is just to admire the architecture and take pictures. The highest status temple in Chiang Mai is Wat Phra Singh, which was first built in 1345. This temple was built by King Pa Yo in memory of his father and is famous for its dedication to Phra Singh, the Lion Buddha.

Inside the temple are murals depicting the old clothing and habits of the Chiang Mai region, which are regarded as masterpieces of traditional northern Thai art. Phra Singh Temple is always overflowing with people from all over the world praying for good fortune, especially during festivals. Couples can pray for a happy marriage and a happy family here.

Golden and glorious holy place--Doi Suthep Temple

Located on Doi Suthep Hill, Wat Phra That Doi Suthep (or Doi Suthep Temple) is dedicated by local devotees. The temple is a legendary temple which is said be chosen by a white elephant and built by the royal family.

Doi Suthep Temple has a nickname of Double Dragon Temple, which is named after two long dragons sitting on both sides of the steps. TThe golden pagoda of the temple still houses the relics of Buddha, so it attracts devotees from all over the world to make the pilgrimage every year.

There is only peace and tranquility and the mountain breeze is comfortable. From the back of the observation deck, you can also have a panoramic view of Chiang Mai, while at night you can also see the deep blue and starry sky!

Learn to cook Thai food with your own hands - Thai cooking class

Chiang Mai is a super place to learn Thai food, and it's perfect to learn how to make it yourself at home afterwards without asking for help.

Start shopping at the Warorot Market

If you want to get a great bargain in Chiang Mai to take home, you can't miss Warorot Market. Whether it's local snacks, clothes, handicrafts, or a variety of fruits, spices and snacks, you'll find everything at a great price. In the evening, there is a colorful flower market.

Spending a meaningful time with elephants - Elephant Sanctuary

Who says the only way to play with elephants is to ride them? Due to the inhumane behavior during the elephant training process and the drastic decrease of the Asian elephant population, how to protect the elephants becomes a question we should think about.

Instead of riding elephants and watching shows, we can also have the opportunity to have close contact with Thai elephants. Walking slowly through the jungle with elephants, learning about their way of life, helping them bathe, playing with them in the mud and water, helping to feed them, etc. are all possible ways to protect elephants and increase understanding.

Chiang Mai Romantic Honeymoon Classic Experience

Go with your beloved to the Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, a sacred temple in Northern Thailand, put in candles, take a lotus flower and go around the temple three times to pray for the future of you two.

Two people gliding together between giant trees tens of meters high, The jungle leap will make you think you are Tarzan saving the beauty.

You can also go to the Chiang Mai Elephant Sanctuary and walk with the elephants, hands in hands with your beloved in the mountains and forests.

For couples who want to get married abroad, you can even have a unique elephant wedding there, which is guaranteed to be unforgettable!

Best time to visit Chiang Mai

From May to early October is the rainy season in Northern Thailand, but usually there are only thunderstorms and the air is exceptionally good after the rain.

After the rainy season, October-March is the peak tourist season in Northern Thailand, when the weather is cooler and the sun shines almost every day.

Honeymoon hotels in Chiang Mai

U Chiang Mai Hotel

The location of U Chiang Mai Hotel is superb, with the weekend night market right outside. It is very convenient for shopping and eating in the old town. There are also free bicycles available to get around. The Northern Thai Lanna style building, the garden is beautifully designed and the view is outstanding.

The hotel has a pool, gym, spa and other facilities, 24-hour check-in method, the staff are particularly warm.

The rooms are very clean and have a blend of modern and traditional styles. The characteristic Thai murals are very moody and the vintage table lamps are interesting. Bathroom toiletries are provided, but you need to bring your own toothbrush and toothpaste. Some of the rooms have their own small pool when you open the door.

Veranda Chiangmai The High Resort

The hotel is located not far from Ha Kang, Tayo Waterfall, and Pattadokan Temple, making it convenient for tourists to explore the area.

The hotel has excellent vegetation coverage, a quiet environment and fresh air. The service attitude is good, and the service staff is at your disposal if you need anything. There are some fruits and snacks served in the room every day. The breakfast restaurant is at the top of the hill, with a great view and good taste.

Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai

Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai is said to being one of the most beautiful hotel in Southeast Asia. The hotel is more than luxury, showing more humanistic sentiment and historical re-invention. The hotel is based on the Lanna Dynasty of the 13th century and is designed to restore the traditional style of Northern Thailand. The magnificent temples and palaces, the exquisite pavilions and porches are the best presentation of the past years.

The hotel also preserves many works of art and also holds cultural events from time to time. Although the price is high and the location is far from the outskirts of the old city, it cannot resist the overwhelming reputation, and all the guests are amazed by it.

The hotel's rooms are a combination of Thai and Western styles. The details of the furnishings and design are very traditional and the wooden furniture gives a sense of reassurance. The space is large and the view is unbeatable. When you enter the room, you will find a variety of fruits and drinks prepared by the hotel, which is very thoughtful. Honeymoon couples remember to leave a message when you book, there will be a small surprise.

Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai

Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai has been named by Fox as one of the top 10 unique luxury hotels in the world. The hotel is like a painting, like arriving in a big forest. Perfect for honeymoon trip.

The Four Seasons is best known for its rice paddy landscape. Imagine a wonderful day starting like this: enjoying cakes, macarons and traditional Thai snacks in the comfort of the fragrance of rice, a few buffaloes in the fields, a few ponds, sunny scenery and wine, every detail is intoxicating.

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