How to Plan Your Honeymoon in Thailand

Last Updated: May 28,2020

We understand planning a honeymoon may seem flummoxed, even if you are an experienced traveler. Don't worry! Below are five simple steps to plan a perfect honeymoon in Thailand, from our experience of designing over 150,000 newlyweds.

Choose Honeymoon Destinations in Thailand — 5 Recommendations

With our knowledge of Thailand and feedback from our couple guests, we suggest you visit Phuket, Krabi, Don Phi Phi for your honeymoon in Thailand, extending it to Koh Samui, Chiang Mai and/or Hua Hin if you have the time.


Phuket is undoubtedly a romantic destination. Its beautiful waters, sandy beaches and rich activities converge to give a postcard-like scenery that appeals to the destination. It is Thailand's top honeymoon destination.

If you only have one day make sure you set cruise on Phang Nga Bay, and the elephant jungle sanctuary.

With a bit more time, the Big Buddha and Wat Chalong will guide you deeper into the oriental culture of Thailand, along with a photo shooting tour on the must-see sightseeing or beaches.

See how to plan your honeymoon in Phuket: Your Guide For Romantic Phuket Holiday


Krabi has the most stunning view on south Thailand, with sharp cliff and caves rising from sea level.

There are so many adventurous tourist sights, so many would say must be young couples' option.

Make sure you see the Hong Island, Emerald Pool and kayaking through Mangroves.

If your schedule allows, extend your tour to Don Phi Phi or Koh Lanta. Get inspiration from our Krabi tours of 1–5 days.

Don Phi Phi

Don Phi Phi offer an immersive island experience in your honeymoon. Countless couples love Don Phi Phi for its beautiful landscapes and as a relaxing escape from the cities.

If your time is limited, enjoy island hopping around the islets of Phi Phi and trek around admirable coastline and jungle inside the island, and even experience a romantic toast at its viewpoint.

It is also a convenient island to reach from Phuket, only 2 hours from Phuket pier.

Koh Samui

If you would like to be suspended in some stately never-never land of pleasure, luxury and idleness, then just come to Koh Samui. It is a paradise far away from the crowded and noisy of city.

In this laid-back city, you can take part in an island hopping or snorkeling around the island. If you want something excited, don't miss the monthly Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan.

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is not only a land of idyllic beauty but also the hometown of Thai elephants.

Chiang Mai's elephant are for many the icing on the cake, the finishing touch to a Thailand honeymoon must-do list. You can take part in an elephant volunteer program to have a close look at the baby elephant, see cultural landmarks, and try royal northern Thai dishes.

If your time is enough, enjoy also the exotic White temple and cycle around the idyllic countryside.

If you are interested in minority culture, spend one or two days at Long-neck villages and trek on mountains to enjoy the magnificent fields.

Decide How Many Days to Stay

As honeymoon travelers, you probably won't want to just scratch the surface of Thailand and just take snapshots with the landmark attractions.

We suggest you take at least a week for your relax honeymoon tour to see a spectrum of the highlights in the top three cities.

6–8 days:

Phuket (2-3 days), Don Phi Phi (2days), and Krabi (2 days)

See our sample honeymoon itinerary for inspiration.

To discover more of Thailand, like charming Chiang Mai and lovely Koh Samui, you will need a few more days. See our 8-12 day all-inclusive honeymoon tours.

Consider When to Travel to Thailand

November to April are generally the most comfortable and recommended times for a Thailand honeymoon tour. They are neither too hot nor too cold, suitable for your plans for snorkeling & other beach activities.

You can get more detailed tips on Monthly Weather in Thailand.

How to Choose honeymoon resorts

In UME, our recommend is not only based on hotel star, but their ability for creating a romantic and comfortable accommodation for couples, such as quiet location, clear pool, private beach, romantic dinner and lovely decoration, etc.

Start 1-1 Expert Help Hotel Planning now.

We Believe Private and Tailor-Made Is Best

We specialize in private, tailor-made Thailand tours, creating a life-time honeymoon for you and your partner, 1-1 expert planning help, the best guide for you, and unique experiences.

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Is Thailand Safe for Tourists?

Thailand is generally a safe country to visit.

Which city is better for honeymoon?

Koh Samui VS Phuket Honeymoon

- Phuket VS Pattaya for Honeymoon

Krabi VS Phuket for Honeymoon

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