Best Thailand Honeymoon Resorts

Last Updated: October 28,2021

Best Thailand Honeymoon Resorts

Finding a love nest for your honeymoon in Thailand will make your love-tale ever better! Among hundreds and thousands of resorts in Thailand, we selected those with high scores and reviews for your consideration.

These honeymoon resorts in Thailand generally allow clean rooms, romantic decoration, convenient but quiet location, swimming pool, special arrangements for couples, and even all-inclusive packages! Feel totally free just like in your home, but with welcoming sunshine of Thailand!


Before you actually start your honeymoon, it's fatal to choose suitable hotels for your romantic travel. Thailand is a mature destination for all kinds of tourists, so does its honeymoon resorts. Its' boundary line extends from highland in the north to the winding coast line in the south, which enable the land has a large variety of unique resorts!

The honeymoon resorts in Thailand are available starting from around $50 (4 stars comfortable) to $300 (5 stars luxury). Though the price might be higher during special festivals, it can be typically estimated and calculated ahead of time.

This magic country has some of the most fantastic resort experience that you can only enjoy on site – a candlelit dinner on paradise-like islands, floating bungalows in a dense jungle, Lanna style traditional palace or even luxury jungle tents among a herd of elephants!

Southern Thailand Honeymoon Resorts

Southern Thailand, including Phuket, Koh Samui, Krabi and Phang Nga, are blessed with powder-like sand, glittering beaches and swaying palm trees in most of honeymoon-themed resorts, which makes them a love paradise!

Beach is a lovely trail for a short honeymoon in Thailand. For most beach-side resorts,

Dotting with luxurious resorts, those beaches are within your touch during your whole honeymoon. Many of them offers top-notch amenities for the honeymoon, such as a special loungers' decoration, private beach candlelight dinner or even a travel shoot by UME professional photographer!

If you both are beach fanatics, follow our instructions to find you one of the best beach honeymoon resorts!

Central Thailand Honeymoon Resorts

The central regions of Thailand usually contains and surrounds most of the Thailand national sightseeing, among which are often regarded as the most unique regions in Thailand, for examples, Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Ayutthaya.

Honeymooners can expect highly rated resorts on the opposite side of the river. Here, the iconic Wat Arun temple offers a spectacular view from the river when it's lit up at night.

Besides, these honeymoon hotels in the surrounding, such Ayutthaya and Kanchanaburi are well-liked by residents because of its awe-inspiring temples, grand architecture and historical atmosphere.

Have a romantic dinner cruise along the river on your honeymoon in Bangkok to Ayutthaya. Imagine this, daytime historical views turn into nighttime romance over a twinkling Thailand!

You can stay at one of the most luxurious honeymoon hotels in Bangkok, a tranquil idyllic-surrounding village or even within an elephant village in Chiang Mai.

Northern Thailand Honeymoon Resorts

Just like its rugged geography, the northern region of Thailand is known for its most iconic jungle escape trail, especially for a completed honeymoon over 7 days.

Resorts suitable for honeymooners usually make a good achievement in harmony among human and natural lives. Be well-prepared for a truly outdoor adventure – rafting, hiking, kayaking and caving opportunities abound. You can easily find those tour packages in the resorts or in our website in adventure.

Honeymoon Hotel Chains in Thailand

Here are some of the most famous hotel brands you can find across Thailand. Most of them offer the most exciting and modern contemporary resorts experience, equal to international standards. Expect extraordinary service from these hotel brands!

Centara Hotels and ResortsAmari Hotels & Resorts
Dusit Hotels & ResortsMarriott Hotels & Resorts
Anantara Hotels & ResortsPullman Hotels and Resorts
IbisU Hotels & Resorts

If you need more information about honeymoon resorts in Thailand, you may click the button below to chat with a member of our team.

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