Phuket Ao Sane

Last Updated: July 16,2019

Ao Sane is a small beach which is well hidden in Phuket. There are many reefs on the side, and many fish can be seen when you are snorkeling. There is also a small dive shop offering shore dive and boat diving services.

Located 200 meters south of the island, Ao Sane is close to Nai Harn Beach, where there are huge granite stones and two distinctive snorkeling areas: one of which features steeper and deeper waters with parrot fish, clownfish and sea eel, octopus, large hermit crabs, etc. The second snorkeling spot is located on the right side of the beach restaurant. Because the coral is close to the water, it can only be reached at high tide, but it is worth waiting for a while when the water is too shallow. It is safe all year round.

The size of Ao Sane is relatively small, and it is a little further away from Phuket City. On the beautiful beaches, the beach house's fabulous bungalows and the front beach form a beautiful picture of the waterfront. Ao Sane is a paradise for snorkeling enthusiasts. Every year when the yacht race is held in Phuket, it is a favorite place for nautical lovers.

Ao Sane

It will take 40-minute walk or 5-minute taxi ride from Nai Harn Beach along the coast to arrive at Ao Sane. Ao Sane has a lot of shady. You can rent a beach chair on the beach and lie on the beach to enjoy the beautiful sea view. There is a restaurant with the sea view on the beach where you can try the delicious local food there. Compared to the longer sandy shallow shore of Nai Harn Beach, Ao Sane offers the completely different type of landscape. There is a rocky beach in front of it, and it is absolutely cute and interesting.

If you go to Ao Sane in August, the beach is almost empty and you are free to enjoy the picturesque surroundings. If you are looking for a beach just for yourself, Ao Sane is definitely the place for you. This beautiful beach will not disappoint you. Beautiful waters and jagged rocks will make swimmers more excited in Ao Sane. And Ao Sane is a great place to have a good relax.

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