Maithon Island

Last Updated: July 17,2019

Maithon island is at the southern end of Phuket, which will take 50 minutes by boat. It is located near the 5-degree latitude line and belongs to the equator. It is a private island that was closed for eight years before it was officially opened in 2014. Maithon Island looks like a cashew from the map. The island has an area of only 1 square kilometer and it takes only 40 minutes to cycle around the island. Maithon Island has no spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons, only has rainy season and dry season. The island is covered with large coconut groves and lush virgin forests.

Because of the island closure, the natural ecology of the Maithon Island is very good. At the same time, Maithon Island is also a gathering place for wild dolphins living on the Andaman Sea. There is still a chance to see dolphins there by boat. Due to the restrictions on the island fees and the number of people, there are not many tourists here, and just dozens of people come here every day. So Maithon Island is very perfect for a holiday, and the level of quietness here is unbeatable on any outlying island around Phuket.

Why choose Maithon Island?

Reason one: beautiful scenery

Maithon Island has clear blue waters, white sand beaches, large coral reefs on the sea floor and colorful tropical fish. Due to the crystal-clear water, it is gradually blue from far and near, so Maithon Island is also very suitable for diving or other water recreation activities.

Reason two: quiet environment with few people

Maithon Island

Maithon Island only allows 150 tourists to board the island every day, but other islands near Phuket, such as Phi Phi Island, Coral Island, etc., allow the daily reception of thousands of tourists, and the cost of 1-day trip to Maithon Island is slightly more expensive. The island is also rarely known by people, so there are very few tourists visiting here. It is a very quiet and hidden island in Phuket that is worthy your visit.

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