Wat Suthat Bangkok - the Giant Swing Bangkok

Last Updated: August 09,2019

Wat Suthat is famous because of the Giant Swing that is located on its entrance. It is the most impressive and oldest known temples in Bangkok. Major attractions of Wat Suthat includes the elegant chapel with the attractive sweeping floor and amazing murals and do not forget the hand-carved teakwood door panels. 

Wat Suthat Bangkok

Wat Suthat has been attracting people for many years because of the Giant Swing and the attractive interior. Near the Grand Palace, it is the must-visit attraction. The cloistered courtyard of Wat Suthat is surrounded by the main chapel which has 156 images of Buddha posted on the outer walls, and there are 4 different gates for entrance. The gates of Wat Suthat have been carved with hand and have beautiful details. 

There are 24 incarnations of Buddha which have been posted on the walls of the Wat Suthat. Western painting techniques have been used to make Wat Suthat look unique and attractive. The outer walls have been lined with Chinese stone sculptured with the eight-tier hexagonal pagodas which people believe that were shipped as ballast. 


The Giant Swing at Wat Suthat

The biggest attraction of Wat Suthat is the great swing which is 21.15 meters high and lies between the Bangkok city hall and Wat Suthat. There are two red pillars of the Giant Swing which are attached to the cross bars. The swing was constructed in 1784, and after that, it has undergone various renovations and was newly constructed in 2004 with the golden teak. The reconstruction of the swing was a tough task, and a team of Civil engineers and experts worked on the swing to maintain its beauty. From hand carvings to paint undercoating, everything was professionally managed. 

In the past, people used to celebrate the Brahmin thanksgiving using the swings. Men had to move from one side of the swing to another and tried to catch the bag of silver coins using their teeth. They have to stay at least 24 meters high at that time. However, this activity led to several injuries and deaths due to which this ceremony was discontinued in 1932. However, the swing of Wat Suthat still attracts many tourists and worshippers. 

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The 8-meter-high bronze Buddha image of Wat Suthat 

When King Rama I took his throne in the year of 1782, and found the Rattanakosin Kingdom in Bangkok, he commanded the construction of  Wat Suthat in order to preserve the 8-meter-high bronze Buddha image of the Phra Si Sakyamuni in subduing Mara posture which was cast in Sukhothai about 800 years ago. The image was brought to Bangkok from an abandoned temple in Sukhothai by boat.  When the image arrived in Bangkok, it was paraded through Bangkok and festivities that lasted a week to celebrate it were orgnized. The construction of the temple lasted for decades covering 10 acres and finally completed during the reign of King Rama III  in 1847.  

The Wat Suthat is one of the oldest temples in Bangkok and it is one of the six temples of the highest grade of the first class Royal temples in Thailand. 

Buddha image in Wat Suthat

Magnificent murals  

Anther amazing thing is worthy of visiting is the magnificent mural paintings on the wall of the viharn. the mural is telling the stories of previous lives the Buddha as well as some daily life of people in Bangkok in the Rattanakosin era. These murals together with the ones in the Grand Palace are regarded the best to be found in Thailand.  

Opening hours

It is open daily from 9 am until 6 pm.

Wat Suthat dress code

There is no need to follow any special dress code, but it is better that you wear an appropriate dress while visiting Wat Suthat. There is a sign available for the outfits which are prohibited in Wat Suthat. You are not allowed to wear short tops, sleeveless shirts, short pants and more. It is better that you respect the dress code and wear slip-on shoes for your convenience. 

Location & how to get there

Famous Wat Suthat is located in Thanon Bamrung Muang which is in the old city. The Wat Suthat has located 1 Km towards East of Grand Palace. There is NRT stations or BTS skytrains that you can use. You may also try a tuk-tuk or metered taxi to reach Wat Suthat.

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