Driving licenses for Expats in Thailand

Last Updated: January 08,2020

If you want to drive a vehicle in Thailand, you must have a driving license in Thailand, but if you have an international driving license that can be ok too there. But if you want to get a full insurance policy in Thailand, it is better to get a Thai license. It is because some of the policies are available for the Thai license holders there. For these polices you can apply only in the case if you have a driving license of Thailand. A Thai license can prove you a local person, and there will be fewer chances of you to be stopped by the Thai police.

You can get a driving license for your car or bike if you are above 18. 

How to apply for a Thai Driving License

Application Form 

If you are unable to understand Thai, you can get a translator with you who can help you in the process of filling the important forms that are required to apply for a Thai driving license. That translator can help you to know about the class and test process too. You have to fill the form, by which you can apply for a temporary license that will be valid for one year. After you hand over the following mentioned documents, you will get the approval stamp. 

Documents Required

  • A signed copy of visa and passport

  • Valid passport with non-immigrant visa

  • Certified address letter for proof which you can get from the embassy. This letter should not be older than 30 days. 

  • Two passport sized recent pictures

  • A translated driving license from your own country

Health and Fitness tests

After you have completed the above process, you have to clear the following three tests

  • Reflex Test 

In this test, you have to push the accelerator pedal until the lights turn green and then have to apply break before the light turn into red. You have to perform this process two times to pass the test.

  • Color Blindness

Any official will pint some dots and you have to guess the color of the pointed dot. If you guess the correct, you will be passed in the test of color blindness. 

  • Depth Perception

You have to use forward or backward buttons to align some pins; you have to perform this, two times to clear the test. 

If you are going to clear all of the above tests you can get your documents signed. After that, you will get your documents back, and you have to pay an amount of 150 Bhat.

Some of you want to have a permanent Thai license after having Thai driving License for one year. 

Things needed to apply for a five-year driving license

If you want to apply for a Thai license having an expiry period of five years, the following things are required for this:

  • Two recent photos of passport size

  • Your temporary License

  • Valid passport

  • Certified address letter, issued within the last 30 days

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