Guilin Travel Guide

Last Updated: January 09,2019

With the beautiful riverside scenery of perfectly clear waters flawlessly reflecting the cone like limestone tops, Guilin's landscape has entranced countless individuals around the globe. 

From astonishing Li River cruise to hiking in charming countryside and appreciating terraced rice paddies as well as minority culture, Guilin is an ideal getaway from modernized existence with heaps of fun, loosening up exercises. 

Best Things to Do and See in Guilin

Flawless Guilin is best known for its karst landscape which will devour your eyes with limpid rivers, bizarre pinnacles and mind blowing underground caves. In any case, there're sublime rice patios, interesting towns and bright minority traditions bound to bring more amazements along your outing. 

Cruising along the Li River 

The Li River twisting among the tall tale karst towers is the pith of Guilin landscape. Also, there's no better way to encounter its unparalleled magnificence as compared to a boat cruise to the Yangshuo, as one will feel like in a classical Chinese ink painting while at the same time appreciating the breathtaking vistas of emerald waters, exquisite pinnacles, rich bamboo forests and rural countryside at a somewhat loosening up pace, along with a golden chance to click many postcard images! 

Exploring Yangshuo

It is very easy to relax yourself for quite a long time in Yangshuo, a little district yet guaranteeing the breathtakingly stunning scenery of Guilin, say the rivers, bulging karst apexes, rice paddies and town grasped among untainted countryside. This makes Yangshuo a heaven for cycling, boating, hiking and more open air activities. Back nearby, Yangshuo West Street features various westerners in cool bars as well as bistros. 

Longji Terraces Hiking 

2.5 hours' of drive from the Guilin, Longji Terraced Fields is adulated as the most gorgeous on the planet, where the layers of the rice paddies course down the mountain edges, shaping a dazzling picture in all the seasons. In this unbelievable setting are crude towns of Zhuang and Yao ethnic individuals. Drop by to meet conventional dressed locals, witness unique wooden residences as well as experience their customary way of life having been carried on for quite a long time. 

Elephant hill in Guilin city

It merits investing some energy in Guilin city after your entry or before your departure flight. 

On the day of your arrival, you could have a flawless walk around the "Two Rivers and Four Lakes" grand area, in the heart of the city. Taking a river and lake cruise is a great way to relax. 

In the event that you have room schedule-wise to take in the city highlights, three attractions are prescribed as a matter of first importance: Elephant Trunk Hill, Reed Flute Cave and Fubo Hill.

Nightlife in Guilin

Guilin has a great nightlife scene, welcoming fun searchers with stunning bars, hustling food roads and also night cruises on its entrancing waterscape. While in the Yangshuo, you won't go far mistaken by making a beeline for the West Street where the nightlife is centered on, with a number of expat-run bars to have fun. You could additionally enjoy the residential community feeling with a relaxed walk, or appreciate local culture in the performance of Impression Liusanjie.

Famous Food You Must Try in Guilin

And also its beautiful scenery, Guilin is likewise a great place to eat in China, overflowing with a wide range of restaurants and road slows down serving up indulgences with an interesting equalization of sharp and hot, delicate and sweet. 

The most prevalent Guilin food is rice noodles. Seafood and Freshwater fish likewise show up on local eatery menu. Stuffed Snails, Lager Fish, Lipu Taro and Pork Loaf, mix broiled Li River shrimps, and numerous more will wet the craving. 

You can discover numerous restaurants and snacks in the East-West Alley and Shangshui Cuisine Street. Western food is likewise accessible in Guilin. It's not elusive Western restaurants in the prevalent visitor areas of Guilin and Yangshuo.

Best time to visit Guilin

It's conceivable to visit Guilin throughout the entire year, yet the best travel time is among April and October, when the gentle weather is perfect for open air exercises, say Li River cruise as well as Yangshuo cycling visit, while enjoying it charming regular excellence fluctuating with the season. 

Guilin's winter is cold and moist, however seldom snows. Wherever is loaded with greenery. Less swarmed picturesque spots, less expensive inns and local conventional festivals can be normal. 

Keep away from Chinese holidays such as Labor Day and National Day because of traveler swarms and higher rate on lodgings, transportation, and so forth. 

How long should you stay in Guilin?

By and large, it takes three days for travelers to enjoy Guilin's reality famous common scenery, the first day for settle-in and free exploration, at that point one day for Guilin city attractions such as Reed Flute Cave and Elephant Trunk Hill, a day or two for the Yangshuo countryside and Li River cruise. 

An excursion to Longji Terraced Fileds will require 1 to 2 extra days to investigate its breathtaking patios and also encounter unique local minority culture.

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