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Last Updated: January 08,2020

Guilin is famous for its touring and shopping areas. Shopping here is not hectic but a leisure that everyone enjoys. The variety of items including decorations, jewelry, local snacks, handicrafts etc. make this area full handful for tourists coming from all around the world. The items at Guilin are very cost effective and excellent for collecting for taking back home as souvenirs.

Traditional art & handcrafts

Brocade Products of Multiple Minorities

 The different minorities residing in Guilin city include Yao, Dong, and Zhuang. All the minorities are famous for several specialties. For instance, the Zhuang women are famous for their cloth dying and weaving techniques. They even make handmade costumes and brocade with bold use of colors. There beautiful skills along with the awesome use of color make these brocades a great indoor ornament and very famous among the tourists. 

You can easily find brocade bags, scarves or tablecloth in any of the souvenir stores.  

Paper Fans and Oil-Paper Umbrellas

 Paper fans and umbrellas made from hands have been used in Guilin for many years. Landscapes inspired by the natural view of Guilin and calligraphic characters are seen on these umbrellas. In earlier days, the paper fans were used by elite and well-educated people. The oil-paper umbrella is a common item in most of the households. You can use both as great decoration pieces. 

Chinese Landscape Ink Paintings

The landscape of Guilin has been one of the most popular choices among Chinese artists. It is even called as the "most scenic place under Heaven". The landscape has inspired painters and artists from the Tang Dynasty and continues to do so. These paintings were also preferred by famous USA president including Bil Clinton, George Bush and Obama. Apart from beautifully drawn on canvas, these paintings are also done on mirrors, T-shirts, paper fans, bronze etc. 

There are several shops with quality paintings. Calligraphy & Painting shop is one of the recommended shops. Here you can find art created by skilled and famous artists. There is also a separate section for local art students.

South Sea Pearls

South sea pearls mainly come from Hepu County and Sanya (Hainan Province). The pearl is silver colored and quite big due to abundant water and sea creatures.

Being in the proximity of Hepu, Guilin receives many of these south sea pearls that are sold to tourists. There is even a South China Pearl museum that produces and sells the great quality of pearls. These pearls are different from regular pearls in terms of size, shape, and smoothness. They are bigger in size and are used in rare and expensive jewels. 

Special Food & drink

Three treasures of Guilin

The three treasures of Guilin are said to be fermented beans, Sanhua liquor, and chili sauce. They are named so due to their large purchase by tourists all over the world and so are ranked top 3 best souvenirs. Fermented beans and chili sauce are considered great appetizers and are usually present on the dining table of every home. Similarly, Sanhua liquor, made up of rice and water of River Li is very popular among the locals due to its sharp taste. They should be your top 3 items to buy as well. 


Osmanthus tea and sugar the name of the products are kept after the flower they are made from Osmanthus. They are very popular flowers with many uses hence the name of the city is also called Guilin which literally means Forest of Osmanthus.

Luohanguo (罗汉果  /lwor-han-gwor/), is a dried brown fruit which is used for good health. No larger than an orange, this fruit is used both as a natural sweetener due to low calories, but it is also used in making herbal tea which is considered medicinal and is used to treat problems like a chronic cough and sore throat.

Dried Lipu Taro Slice (荔浦芋头条)

Taros are greatly popular due to their sharp taste. They are found in two colors: white and purple. It is cultivated in Lipu County. Dried lipid taro slices have a powerful smell of taro.

All these items can be found in large supermarkets or local specialty stores.

Best Places to Shop in Guilin

Zheng Yang Pedestrian Street (Walking Street) - Night Market of Artifacts & Gadgets

Located in downtown Guilin, parallel to Zhong Shan Road, this pedestrian street is one of the most popular and stylish streets that contains multiple bars, nightclubs, restaurants, hair salon, and fashionable boutiques. 

If you are in Guilin, this is undoubtedly the best place to hang out and have fun. It's an amazing place with one exception that vehicles are not allowed here.

West Street in Yangshuo - Most Visited Commercial Street for Foreigners

This place is known for its cultural representation, you can witness a diverse cultural interaction here. One of the most eye-catching things here are Fans, so big and great for decoration. These fans undergo several processes to look this beautiful including mounting, dying and painting (especially with watercolor). The backdrops of the fan are customized with different designs including birds, Chinese women, flowers, bamboos, insects etc. West Street is also a nice place to get handicrafts and costumes. Remember all the items here are up for bargaining so be sure to negotiate the price before buying. You can buy great items from here to take back home. 

Have a Shopping Tour with Us

There are no mandatory shopping items included in our Guilin tours. The shopping places that are included in the tour are one of the best places to buy souvenirs. Nonetheless, I you wish to visit other places for the sake of shopping, you can customize your tour according to your will. 

Generally, there is free time in the evening which is the perfect time for shopping. Our guides can help you out locate best shopping places and even help you out in bargaining!

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