Chinese Gift Ideas for Children

Last Updated: January 08,2020

China is famous for its shopping. It has the perfect gift for everyone where children are no exception. Besides your elders, wife, sister, and loved ones, purchasing a gift for children can turn into a hassle. However, purchasing gift items for kids in China is a fun and entertaining because of the countless options that you can choose from. It mainly depends on what you want to buy. Everything from recreational items to books will be available across all cities of China. You will be spoilt for choice so try to be patient so that you can make a suitable choice for your child. 

Amongst the things that can be bought for kids in China we have made a list of the top gifts for you to choose from. Hope the following list will simplify your shopping experience and help you in making an excellent buy for your little one. 


Let's begin with toys! The most popular toys in China have been listed here.

Traditional Chinese Dolls

The Chinese dolls will be available in all cities in China. They will be available not only in museum stores and wholesale markets but also in the popular tourist spots.

These dolls are handmade and made of silk. The existence of these dolls can be traced to the song dynasty about 10 centuries ago. The price varies as per the quality of silk that has been used to make the doll. Expect a price window of roughly RMB 200 to RMB 600. 

You can find these silk dolls both at the shops in The Silk Museum in Beijing and at tourist hotspots. The dolls are made to look like Chinese men and women from famous historical Chinese stories. Remember to ask your guide about the story behind the Chinese character you are buying.

Chinese Kites

I have yet to come across kids that do not love kites. The kites made in China are extra special owing to the bright colors and unique shapes that you will surely not find anywhere else in the world. Amongst the most common kite designs are butterflies and dragons. They are usually sold in popular theme parks, picnic parks, and zoos. Weifang is popular for being host to an annual kite festival. It falls in the Shandong Province and is most popular for its handcrafted kites. These kites are made in bright colors and different shapes which are appealing to kids. Some popular designs for kites are that of doves, tigers, fishes, and frogs. They are all legendary figures with a backstory to it. 

Chinese Board Games

Board games have a huge market in China. The local ones are quite popular amongst kids and are sold by all major toy stores. It is a fun and informative game that makes for a perfect gift for your kid. Amongst the most popular ones are:

  • Chinese Chess (Xiangqi)

It is believed to have come into being around the 800Ad

  • Chinese Checkers

Also known as Go (Wei Ch'i) its origin can be traced back to 30 centuries. 

  • Mahjong

The most popular Chinese game is the Mahjong. This card game is certainly the best one you will find in China. 

Chinese Yo-Yo

Yo-Yo happens to be the oldest toy in the history of China. 

The traditional Western YO-YO is a copy of this one. If you are lucky you might end up finding a yo-yo made up of bamboo.

Chinese Shuttle Cock or Ti Jian or Jianqiu

It is a different kind of a toy with a unique name as well. The origin of the shuttlecock is traced back to China. Its popularity amongst kids can be gauged from its presence in literally all areas of China. This game can be played alone or in a group depending on the number of people available to play it.

The Chinese Stuffed Panda

A visit to Chengdu to see the pandas is a must if you are traveling with your kids. Available in all supermarkets and tourist's spots, leaving Chengdu without the stuffed panda bear would be sad. Apart from the panda stuff, Chengdu is a hip and happening city that will make your kids fall in love with it.


  • Embroidered Silk Shoes

Like the silk dolls, you will find adorable handmade silk shoes for kids. These shoes will also show popular Chinese figures. They are believed to be a symbol of good luck for babies in China. As per the myth the tiger is said to protect the child from evil spirits, making it the perfect gift to give at a baby shower. Other popular figures are butterflies and pandas, and more.

  • Chinese Opera Masks

The Chinese masks are extremely colorful. They are hand painted masks that any child will love. You can ask for the story behind the character on the mask and tell it to your child. They will be much fascinated. They are more commonly available in Beijing. These masks are a representation of the Chinese Opera, whose history can be dated back to the Tang Dynasty. 

  • Cute Little Silk Qipaos

The Qipao is the traditional Chinese dress for women. These dresses have a collar and a side slit. They are the perfect gift for little girls. The variety is immense making it difficult to choose a style. This is one place you will probably find pink printed silk pajamas being sold for boys. It is better to buy one in the city as it will be more expensive at the airport.

  • Chinese Kung Fu Costumes

Kung fu, a Chinese Martial art first originated in China several centuries ago. It was introduced to the world by the amazing Hollywood cinema. Bruce Lee a popular martial arts figure in China is every child's role model. Kung Fu costumes are popular with kids and available in not only the wholesale markets but also at almost all tourist hotspots.

Chinese Paper-Cut Artwork

The Chinese paper cut art can be traced back to the Han Dynasty. It is available in abundance in all tourist hotspots. They are beautiful and have amazingly delicate and intricate designs. Some popular places that have these works of art are Tianzifang in Shanghai, the Qibao water town and Sanlitun to name a few. As a present for your little one, they are sure to invoke their interest in paper art.  

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