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Last Updated: January 08,2020

Like any other large cities in China, Xian is also a perfect place for shopping. The items found here are unique of its kind and are not found anywhere outside China. The art and crafts represent Chinese history and are very eye-catching. Xian enjoys an important commercial importance as it is the capital of Shaanxi province and is the biggest city in northwest of China. Shoppers can buy all kind of products from here ranging from fashionable clothes to electronics. Here is the list of things you buy in Xian. 

What to Buy

Local art & handcrafts

  • Terracotta Warriors Replicas

Terracotta Warrior Replicas are lifelike replicas of real figures that are displayed in the museum and is undoubtedly a great souvenir to take back home. It comes in various sizes and shapes. The smallest ones are around 1/8th of the original size and are very feasible to be carried in a luggage bag. They can be easily found in Muslim Street or other souvenir shops in a box. Each box comprises of 5 to 6 of them of different sizes and facial expressions. 

They can be very expensive as well so you need to keep your bargain skills strong.  

  • Shadow Puppets

 Often seen in media, Shadow Puppet Show is a form of Chinese folk opera which used cut-out figures made of leather or paperboard to carry out dramas by shadow puppets. These cut-out figures are present in front of an illuminated screen while there are musical effects in the background. Not only can you enjoy one of this shadow puppetry, but you can take them as a souvenir. Artwork of shadow puppet includes extensive work on colors and carvings. 

It is very famous and encouraged by western visitors.  

  • Lantian Jade

 Jade is seen as a royal symbol in China. Jade article made in Lantian County is said to be the most valuable of among all cities of China. It was valued by nobles and high-class people. The first ever emperor of china Qinshihuang, used this to make his imperial seal. It is very popular due to its attractive physical properties including a range of color from milky white, pale blue, emerald green and light yellow. Except this, it's hard texture and mild shine makes it more attractive. It is used in carving and making crafts works like bracelets, tea sets, earrings and other art products which can be given as a gift to friends or family.   

  • Paper Cuttings

 Paper-cutting is an all-time honorable folk art in Shaanxi province and is known as "living fossil" as it has been used for a year to represent cultural traditions, folk customs, and Chinese designs. Made from red paper, these paper cuttings reflect beautiful portrayal of Chinese culture. They are present in several forms including animals, flowers, legendary figures, an even different scene from Chinese folklores conveying good fortune for health, wealth or happiness. Presently, red paper is used popularly as decorative pieces on windows and doors especially during the time of the festival.   

  • Food & drink

Glutinous Rice Wine

It is one of the ancient wine that originated from the Tang dynasty and is quite popular among the locals of Xian. It is available in 3 forms. A bitter one with the addition of medicine inside, sweet one with sugar and the original one with no sugar or medicine inside so it's neither sweet nor bitter.  

  • Demaogong Crystal Pancake

It is one of the crystal pancakes with history as old as over 900 years. The origin of this pancake is said to be from the Song dynasty. It represents Qin-style cakes and is known to be the oldest pancakes in China. It used to be eponymous with white fungus, Jinhua ham, and bird's nest

Where to shop

Finding shops in Xian is not difficult. All kind of shops is scattered everywhere. They have several shopping centers including supermarkets, department stores, souvenir shops etc. They are usually present in Ding Dajie, Nnadajie and Jiefanglu and supply all types of goods that people come here to purchase. It is recommended to buy Chinese souvenir from here since they are diverse and relatively cheaper than other cities in China.

If a shopkeeper is unwilling to bargain, you can always visit departments and big shopping malls since items can be bargained over here.   

Shopping Mall

  • Bell Tower Commercial Center

If you are not interested in local shops and wish to find some high-quality fashion items and experience a different lifestyle of Xian people, then Belltower Commercial center is the perfect place for you. It is known as the most prosperous commercial area here and is always packed with some of the richer people of Xian. There is all kind of shopping sites in all 4 directions including upmarket department stores, lavishing mega-malls, gourmand restaurants, and even extravagant boutiques.  

Souvenir and Arts and Crafts Shops

  • Muslim Street

 Muslim Street is a must-go place for all tourists but especially for first-timers looking for shopping of silk products, a mini replica of terracotta soldiers, antiques, small handmade toys, and other local art crafts. The area consists of streets and lane including Huajue Lane, Beiyuan Gate, Sajin Qiao, Damaishi Street etc. Here you can roam for hours looking for good souvenirs while simultaneously enjoying the architecture of Qing and Ming dynasties

  • Xi'an Antique Market(古玩城)

Located at the intersection of Zhuqe Lu and Nan Erhun Lu, the antique market is filled with several antiques sold on streets. There is a number of attractive, eye-catching antiques seen in the market and the purpose is to lure customers. Keep in mind very few of these antiques are genuine. 

Visiting Antique Markets with UME Travel

Generally, there is no scheduled time for shopping in UME Travel to ensure good quality tour, but if you wish to go shopping, make sure to request at the time of booking. Our guides can help you out in locating great shopping places with souvenirs, products or Chinese items. Helping in bargaining and giving local shopping tips are one of their expertise. 

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