Top 10 Best Seafood Restaurant In Phuket Town

Last Updated: February 23,2020

Phuket is famous for its fresh seafood, and eating at least one seafood restaurant during their stay on the island is almost a ritual for most of visitors. All this is fine, but one surprising aspect of Phuket's seafood market is that, there are a wide variety of restaurants that serve fish, as well as a variety of styles, designs, and environmental options for seafood meals. Here are 10 places in Phuket that are best suited for seafood:

1. KanEang@Pier, Chalong Bay

This is arguably Phuket's most-loved seafood restaurant. For decades, KanEang@Pier has been a must-visit place for visitors due to its seaside location, and its wide varieties of menu that covers all bases.

2. Floating Restaurants

Phuket's floating seafood restaurants offers an incredible way for diners to eat out along the east coast of Phuket. The trip is a brief long-tail boat ride from Laem Hin Pier to the restaurants. 

3. MorMudong Restaurant, Chalong

MorMudong Restaurant offers a rustic, unique seafood restaurant. It serves a complete chicken dish and pork dish with a fiery chili sauce.

4 Bang Pae Seafood, Phuket East Coast

Bang pae is one of Phuket's all-time favorites, located close to the Bangpae waterfall near Thalang. The restaurant serves a Tom Yam Talay (a Thai seafood soup), steamed blue crab, stir-fried vegetables and fresh oysters with local herbs.

5 Thanoon Seafood Phang Nga

Thanoon seafood is located just off the Island of Phuket, by the Sarasin Bridge connecting the island to the mainland. The restaurant serves fish, lobsters, crabs and most varieties of seafood available. There is a live fish tank where you can select your still-alive meal.

6 Pak Nam Seafood Restaurant Phuket Town

Pak Nam is a popular seafood restaurant among those who like some animation with a decent meal. Pak Nam is a great seafood experience in the best of Phuket's traditions

7 KanEang 2 Seafood Restaurant Chalong Bay

Kan Eang translates as 'relaxed' in English offers beach side dining area located north of Chalong on Phuket's east coast. There is wide range of men

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