Laem Ka Beach

Last Updated: July 15,2019

The sand quality and the water quality of Laem Ka Beach are quite good. The advantage is that it is far from the crowdedness of Patong and the beach is relatively quiet. The advantage is that it has many stones on the seabed. This is a more original beach with natural seaside views and outdoor sports. This beach is not very big, it is not very popular, but it is very quiet, and very clean, and the sea view is good. When you arrive there, you may more like this underdeveloped beach.

Laem Ka Beach is quite stunning, because it has few people travelling there, and the beach here is very funny, and the sand on the beach here is very delicate, making you feel very comfortable to step on the beach. Laem Ka Beach is not as dazzling as other beaches in Phuket, it is more suitable for those people who want to be quietly enjoying their vacation, and you can come here with your beloved, appreciating the beautiful sunrise in the morning, or walk with the family on the beach, which is also very pleasant, and you will like your holiday spending on the Laem Ka Beach. Laem Ka Beach is still a very peaceful place, where you can rest on the beach and in the shade without any worries, to fully relax yourself.

Rich activities on the Laem Ka Beach.

Laem Ka Beach

You can take a long tail boat or dive at Laem Ka Beach and explore the nearby beaches of Koh Bon, Koh Lone, Coral Island and other surrounding islands or make an island tour. If you don't like diving, you can take a walk on the beach, chat with locals, and take photos with cute local kids.

Best time to travel to Laem Ka Beach

Laem Ka Beach is located in the tropics. The best tourist season is the hot season. From December to March of the following year, when the average temperature is 25 °C - 33 °C, it is the ideal tourist season.

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