Pak Weep Beach

Last Updated: July 11,2019

Pak Weep Beach is a very calm and relaxing beach, it is always very clean. When you are playing there, don't be afraid to cross the wooden bridge, as it is safer than it looks. This is a fabulous beach, even in the off season. Surfing is suitable during the August in Pak Weep Beach, but it is worthwhile to take a walk on this beach. There are paper-paved bistros and massages shops on the beach, as well as larger resorts.

The trails on the Pak Weep Beach are great. When you are walking on it, you can see the erosion of natural elements and the things that are left after the waves wash away. If you come to play in June, it might be not the best time to travel there. It would be better if someone there could regularly clean up the rubbish that is washed up on the beach.

In short, Pak Weep Beach is a very beautiful place and it is worth everyone to take a walk. There are many places to visit nearby, and you can sit on the beach and chat with your friends, eat the seafood and play water to fully enjoy yourself. The Pak Weep Beach is great in any direction for walking, and you will pass through other attractions along the way. The best thing is that there are no troublesome things like small vendors, water boats. It features perfect location.

Pak Weep Beach

Pak Weep Beach is a beach with few tourists and it seems that the locals are coming here a little more. But visiting this original beach is a great experience. There are a lot of locals blowing sea breeze and eating dinner there. The beach is very clean and beautiful, the sand is very fine, the sea is so clear, and it is very comfortable to walk in the sea. At low tide, there are many hermit crabs. You can catch small crabs on the beach. There are beautiful shells everywhere on the beach too and picking shells on Pak Weep Beach is full of fun.

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