Khao Na Yak

Last Updated: July 11,2019

Khao Na Yak is one of the famous beaches in Phang Nga, whose sand are very fine and soft and clean. Khao Na Yak has some rocks near the sea and there is a beach massage platform, so you can not only see the beautiful ocean, breathe the humid air, but also have a good massage. The facilities here are quite perfect. The hotels here are relatively clean and hygienic. The environment here is very comfortable, and there are many tourists coming here. It is a very good attraction in Thailand.

On Khao Na Yak, you can take a water glider here because there are not so many waves. The beach itself is wide, and it is close to the market, which is full of restaurants and bars, and it is a great place to view the sunset. Moreover, the local people and prices on the Khao Na Yak are much more simple than other well-known beaches in Thailand. There are few tourists on the beach, and most of them are Europeans and Americans. The commercial atmosphere here is not so strong, and you will appreciate another quiet beauty here. You can pack food from your beloved restaurant, wait until the sunset, enjoy the delicious snacks and enjoy the beautiful sunset at the same time when you are sitting on the beach. You will like the slow life in Khao Na Yak.

Khao Na Yak

Turtle release day is held every year at Thai Mueang Beach in March, and a seven-day celebration will be held there. During the festival, the turtles raised by the Fisheries Department will be released from the beaches of Thai Mueang to the sea, so, if you are interested in it, you can go to take part in from Khao Na Yak during your trip there. It will be very funny and meaningful.

The most famous product in Phang Nga is shrimp paste, which has many flavors. The popular goong siab is a kind of snack made with shrimp and Thai rice kapi spicy sauce, whose main material is nam prik. These items are readily available in local stores and markets in Khao Na Yak. Don't forget taking some back home after you finish your trip in Khao Na Yak.

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