Southern Chinese Food

Last Updated: January 07,2020

In south China, you can find several lakes, rainfalls or rivers. Southern Chinese food has an amazing selection of substances to utilize and is much regarded in China as country's greatest. Szechwan, Cantonese cuisine and Jiangzhe cuisine are known as the representatives of the cooking styles of Southern Chinese cooking. Zhejiang and the Jiangsu areas of south China take much care of the freshness and trendiness of the food. Rice and the foods made of rice, for example, noodles, cakes, etc. are known as the foundation of the Southern Chinese dishes. 

Qualities of Southern food

In southern China, people prefer the freshness of the food, because freshness can help in maintaining the natural flavors of the ingredients. You can get the best sea food in China, in South China. You can find fresh seafood in all near restaurants. You can see live tanks there too which are filled with fish, crabs, clams, and lobsters. You can get any wanted thing from these tanks y just pointing out that. If you are fond of seafood, you can find the best crab and clams there which you can get fried with spring onion and ginger. If you love sea food then, southern China can be your favorite place to visit. 

Preserved foods 

Southern Chinese use rural preserved foods as the necessary food ingredients in their cooking. They try to preserve most of the food items to avoid wastage of the food. They are preserving different food items from years. Traditional ways that are being used to preserve foods are pickling in vinegar, curing and sun drying. People who are living in high areas use to pickle vegetables, sun-dry fruits and smoke the meat to preserve them for longer use.  

You can get anything to eat there

This region of China has enriched resources. Chefs, there have a variety of seafood and meats deposited there. Guangdong cooking styles include ingredients almost from every region of China. Guangdong cooking styles is famous for its use of exotic animals at some times. If you are going to travel these areas, you will find a shocking range of animals that are available there for sale including cats, snakes, dogs, and turtles are some common examples. Although these foods are not available there commonly, you can get a variety of other dishes there to taste.

Steaming or stir-frying the food 

These two methods of cooking are most common in China. But in Sichuan, you can't get stir-fried food items commonly. Cantonese prefer to boil soups and roast the meat too. These cooking methods are being used to preserve the real flavor of the food items. You can get some deep-fried foods there too that are being used as snacks, breakfast item or dessert. 

Common Chinese foods

You can see most of the people in the United States or other western countries use to eat Chinese food. This is because when many of the Chinese moved to the United States in 1800, they introduced the taste of Chinese food to the Americans for the very first time. It is a vital truth that the taste of the food available in the American Chinese restaurants is much different from the food that you can get from different regions of China. 

Following are some most popular dishes of the Guangdong region of China

Sweet Sour Pork

This is a popular dish in China around the world. In this dish you will get deep fried pork that will be stir-fried in a delicious sauce, this sauce is a mixture of vinegar, soya sauce, catchup and sugar and having an addition of green pepper, onion, and pineapples. 

Drunken Prawns 

Before cooking, these shrimps are liquored up nicely. And before steaming them, they are soaked in rice wine for some time. Most of the people love to eat them. 

Zha Liang

It is the most common breakfast item being used in China. This is being made by just wrapping rice paper around fried dough's stick, which is known as youtiao in Chinese. Commonly people use to ear it with some congee or soy milk. 

Tong Sui

If you are eating Chinese food in a restaurant, there are great chances for you to be served with Tong Sui after your meal. It is a sweet soup. You can find multiple varieties of this sweet soup in Chinese Cuisines. Some of the expensive restaurants may offer this as a dessert after a meal. In Guangdong province, this is known as sugar water commonly. 

Slow Cooked Soup

These are some special soups which are made of simmering meat with the mixture of other ingredients. This mixture is cooked for many hours over low heat. According to Chinese, these soups are used for medicinal purposes too, and this can improve your health. In south China, people are used to finishing the soup first but in some regions of China people are served with the soup last. 

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