Northern Chinese Food

Last Updated: January 07,2020

It is said that Western people mostly like to have China's hearty food. They always to have a duck roast and beef. They like to have dairy from Magnolia. They always enjoy the dishes like roast and other Korean dishes.  

Flavors that are used in Northern Chinese Food

  • It is believed that the food of Northern Chinese is rich and salty. They use many flavors to make their dishes delicious. Some of the features of their food are discussed below:

  • They always prefer to use a strong flavor because they face very severe seasons as the winter there is very cold, and they also face a very harsh and hot summer.

  • It is important for them to make the replacement of calories and salt maintain.

  • They make food that has salt, chilies, and pickles, etc.

  • They usually prefer to make dishes that are lighter in flavor i-e by using less salt and fewer sauces.

  • They usually make food that has a large amount of beef and contains large amount of oil. They use much garlic in their foods.

Sauces that they use

Mostly the sauces that are being used there are garlic sauce, chili papers, and ginger sauce, etc. their chiefs are trained enough that they can add flavor to their dishes in such a way that their dishes look very delicious and the real taste of the ingredients is also not lost. So, it can say that they know how to make delicious foods and attract the people to have such a best food.

Their food serving method is different

  • It is said that in Northern Chinese area they drink water in a comparatively larger glass and they also serve the foods I larger dishes. You can take the example of the roasted lamb. This lamb is presented in the large dish. This seems to be their style of presenting the food to the foodies.

  • It is said that they consider this presentation of the food as an honor to their special guests. They are usually found to be very generous and hospitable. They always welcome their guests and serve them with their delicious dishes.

  • The methods that are used for the cooking are found to be typical. They usually prefer to make fried and roasted items.

People preserve fruits and vegetables there

It is said that fruits and vegetables are in very less amount there, because of the severe seasons that they face. It is also said that people usually preserve the vegetables and the fruits there. So that it can be used in a difficult time. People of China use different methods to preserve their vegetables and fruits as they used to make pickle and then save it for the cold season. 

Vegetables that are found there

There are many vegetables that are found there. Some of them are discussed below:

  • Carrots

  • Radish

  • Tomato

  • Potato

  • Green beans

  • Cucumber

  • Cabbage

Fruits that are available there

It is said that like vegetables, fruits are not available in the wide range. Fruits that are available there are limited. The only fruit that is found there is apple. They also contain dry fruits and wine also. That is the reason why they preserve fruits there.

They prefer to eat more meat

  • It is said that mostly in Northern China, foods are made that are high in the quantity of meet. They usually eat the food that has a high amount of protein in it. They usually take the food that helps their body to strengthen. They also use seafood.

  • In the magnolia, there is a big grass land, and the people that live there usually like to have butter, beef and other dairy products.

Other foods

In chine dumplings, noodles and the soup are the most famous dishes. It is said that dumplings are not even affected by the temperature. People usually enjoy eating noodles for breakfast or lunch. There are different types of fresh pasta are also available in the restaurants that attract people the most. This pasta is really delicious to eat and fresh.

Foods that are found in Dongbei

China contains the foods from several areas like Magnolia and Beijing etc. hence, collectively called Dongbei. The North Chinese suffer the severe seasons like hot summer and the extremely cold winter. So, they decided to have less salty and chilly foods. 

Some of the foods are:

  • It is said that fried pancake is the most famous and the delicious food. This pancake is filled with the delicious filling of lamb, cabbage, and onions. They are then fried until they get brown. But make sure to fry them that they don't get hard.

  • Another famous dish in Northern China is Fried sauce noodles. People always enjoy to eat them its taste is really delicious.

  • Beef tripe is another famous dish in Northern China. 

These are some of the Northern Chinese food that you will experience if you will visit China. Contact us for a super tailor-made tour.

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