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Last Updated: January 09,2019

Chengdu is considered to be as the most fantastic and the famous place that someone can select for the memorable trip. It is said that in Chengdu there are found large giant pandas. And it is also said that this is one of the reasons so that it is the most visiting place. People who have a trip of Chengdu always have a lot of enjoyment and hey find their trip memorable by doing awesome experiences there.

The giant pandas that are found there are the source of most of the attraction for the people who visit Chengdu.

Chengdu is the most relaxed city that you can ever find. It has many cultural, historical and the natural places that you will always enjoy visiting there.

Best foods of Chengdu

Chengdu is famous for the Kung pao chicken and the hotpot. They seem to be very tasty and delicious. 

What are the best activities in Chengdu?

Presence of giant pandas

One of the most important things that attract visitors the most, is the presence of the giant pandas in Chengdu. The more interesting thing is that you can not only see these giant pandas, but you can also interact with them. People usually make a proper tour plan to visit these giant pandas.

The magical face changing is the source of attraction

Sichuan opera is the most famous opera drama that is made to make the people attractive to the Chengdu. People use opera masks to perform this particular drama. This opera is one of the famous ways to make people attractive. Magical face changing is the technique that is being used in this drama to show the invisible mood.  Make sure that magical faces are not being missed during the opera drama because if you miss them, you will miss the real entertainment and the enjoyment.

Don't forget to visit historical sites

While you have a tour to Chengdu, don't forget to visit the historical places. You must have to visit the places that show the history and the culture of the Chengdu.

The Giant Buddha

This is the most famous and the remarkable place that someone must have to visit if he has a trip to Chengdu. The Giant Buddha was sitting on the cliff, and his hands were on his knees. The river was below his feet. It is almost 71 meters high and considered to be the tallest statue in the world. It is said that this statue is as tall as the statue of Liberty.

Mount Emei

If someone is fond of hiking, Mount Emei is the best option. Its hiking is more than 60 kilometers. So, if someone wishes to have a wonderful experience, he must have to visit Mount Emei.

Jiuzhai Valley National park

Jiuzhai Valley National park is considered to be as a place that someone does not have to miss. The Jiuzhai Valley National park is famous for the beautiful water fall, grasslands, they beautiful view of the snowy mountains and its villages. It is considered to be the fairy land. And mostly people say that its beauty can't be explained until you see it by yourself. The eye view of this park seems to be very charming and attractive and people always their presence there.

The snowy mountains

Xiling Mountain is one of the best snowy mountains. You will find many animals there like monkeys. There are many activities there that you can enjoy like hot air ballooning and toboggans run etc. The view from there is really attractive, and people find it to be the most attractive place that someone must have to visit if he has a tour of Chengdu.

Delicious foods are also available there

Many delicious foods like dumplings and noodles etc. are also available there. These foods are found to be very delicious. These foods are one of the best ways to attract the most of the people. There are also many authentic restaurants available there. Because of these delicious foods mostly people attract towards it.

Foods that are available there are mostly more spicy and oily, but they are more delicious in taste. If someone gets a chance to visit it, he must not forget to add the local food in his menu.

It is highly recommended to must visit Panda Breeding and the Research center if you find a chance to stay in China. The museum that is situated there is also one of the best places that someone must have to visit if he has a tour to Chengdu.

When to go to Chengdu

The best time to visit Chengdu is from March-June and September-November.

Try to have a trip when the Chinese have summer vacations.

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