Traveling to Pai for the First Time

Last Updated: January 09,2019

Some of the features of Pai include fresh air, friendly Lanna people, and green mountains. No wonder that many vagabonding itinerants sometime choose to toss their passports and settle down on the waterside town of Pai in Northern Thailand. Pai is a major destination for travellers along the Banana Pancake Trail several reasons, just because the region is green and low-cost. A minority of spiritual retreats set up shop. Organic food,  Yoga, and real coffee thrive as well as the option to earn a hangover mingling and then cure it after that in the numerous juice shops and all-inclusive health centres.


Best Time to Come to Pai

There are three distinct seasons in the North Thailand namely the cool season, the hot season and the raining season. Out of these three, the most appropriate time during the cooler season which starts in late November and lasts until February. The shower during that period is not much making it an excellent time for the exploration of Pai.

Things to Do in Pai

Apart from relaxation, meeting other tourists, and enjoying the beautiful environs, Pai offer a couple of simple attractions.

  • Visit Waterfalls

Mo Paeng Waterfall is the most reachable of all Pai's waterfalls; the residents make use of a large, smooth rock which serves as a natural slide into a deep pool use for swimming. Mae Yen Waterfall which a little bit expensive, is about four miles away from the town. Get ready to swim!

  • Visit the Hot Springs

A simple trail parallels to a sparkling, sulphuric spring flows through Pai's small national park. Swimming is allowed, as long as you can handle the steep entry fee, boiling water, and suppressing odour!

  • Enjoy the River

Much more tranquil than the party-scene tubing in Vang Vieng, Laos, both tubing and white water propelling are available between Mae Hong Son and Pai.

  • Try Fishing

Bueng Pai Farm, a small farm, and bungalow operating just at the outskirt of the town offer numerous pay ponds where you can buy bait to fish by the hour. The staffs are sociable, and the setting is okay. The lakes are stocked with a wide variety of outlandish fish.


  • Go to the Overlook

The overlook which is situated in an oddly setting called the"Chinese Village," is more or less about enjoying the cup of tea included with the reasonable entry fee while taking in green views of the valley.


  • See the White Buddha

The giant Buddha figurine on the hill just outside of the town is a famous sunsets spots. Ascending the numerous stairs is a good exercise for mind and body!

Explore The stimulating mountains and fertile rice fields surrounding Pai request to be sightseen by either motorbike or bicycle.

Tips: Get a copy of a free publication, the Pai Events Planner (PEP) which has a valuable map, to discover what's going on while you're in town. There is a good chance that you'll find one or even three that interests you.

Where to Eat, Drink & Relax

Om Garden Cafe – this place is set just off the major road, and this cafe is a beautiful place to chill out in the shade while you enjoy its menu satiated with fresh salads and fruit smoothies to die for.

Earth Tone Cafe - Earth Tone Cafe is a veggie and fruitarian paradise with its astonishing salads, household temple, kombucha and even new chocolate. It focuses on indigenous and periodic foods and also has a small shop vending natural makeups, souvenir and foods. Art in Chai – this is another veggie choice. Art in Chai focuses on healthy yet delicious meals, and its domestic yoghurt and muesli bars have earned it high admiration. This is a perfect place to relax and read with a good cup of chai.

Big's Little Cafe - Consequently if you are looking for something that is a little bit more significant for your breakfast, Big's can serve a banquet of homemade sausages, hash browns and every possible type of egg you can ever imagine! This is a small little cafe with an excellent reputation!

Where to Stay in Pai

When coming to Pai, you will have to make a vital decision on where to stay. You can either decide to stay in the town or choose to in a more serene environment outside the town.       

Though you can find very cheap hotel accommodation dispersed throughout the centre of the traveller block in the town, the places that collect the most of the income. They are also the loudest. Taxis and tuk-tuks are not common in Pai, so except you drive a scooter, you'll probably want to stay indoors so that places like the evening Walking Street are easily reachable. Staying central is not a bad idea if you plan to make the most of Pai's fun-filled nightlife or care about consuming decent Wi-Fi.

If you can stay for 10 minutes outside of town, you'll find an abundance of good bargains for green, quiet bungalows, Eco stays/retreats, and secluded boarding-houses.

These places are frequently silent, welcoming, and less compacted. Then again, if you enjoy the nightly after-party at the Don't Cry Reggae Bar just across the river, you'll need to get home along rural roads in complete darkness.

Tips: For the best of the two options, cross the river using the bamboo walkway just off the Walking Street and check out the many bungalow options available. That side of Pai feels more rustic and quiet (there are no vehicles). However, you can safely stroll home without requiring transportation.

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