A Guide to Survive the Wave of Sound on Pattaya ​International Music Festival

Last Updated: February 29,2020


International Music Festival of Pattaya is one of the biggest global beach music carnivals in Asia and Thailand. The historic event takes place along Pattaya beach road, Chon Buri. This fun-filled festival attracts many celebrated Asian and Thai artists to perform on the stages near the stunning beach. Audiences will be fun by various music genres including pop, rock, hip-hop, and R'n'B. Also, the event also gives thousands of both Thai and foreign music fans the annual opportunity of enjoying the different genres of music including Intercontinental Music, Asian Music, and Thai Music. The three-day activities start in the evening till midnight with a different annual colourful theme.

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The Origin

An event that premiered in 2002, Pattaya International Music Festival is held in annually in March. It lasts three days at the Pattaya Beach Resort in Pattaya, Thailand. Typically, the event is between 18.00 PM and 24.00 PM. It was suspended in 2017 because of the King's demise. Below is the record of the event since its inception:

Year Date

2016  March 20th to 22nd 

2017  Cancelled

2018  March 16th to 18th

Visitors: close to 1000

Exhibitors: between 20 and 100

Enterance Fee: Free

Its Massiveness

The Pattaya music festival is a huge affair. It is often referred to as  Asia's longest beach music festival as it attracts everything 'music' to its different venues in its the three-day musical gala. I love seeing the big mixture of musical group, maverick rockers, 'Slash'-style guitarists, Ray-Banned instrumentalists and more than 400,000 music floozies living on high sodium snacks, water, and E-Minor. Being in Pattaya during the International Music Festival means going 'big' on holidays, and that is precisely what you want after months of exhausting work routine.

What you can hear Fed on a steady diet of western pop, House, and Techno, it is sometimes easy to forget there are thousands of musicians making melodies, stringing tunes out of thin air in other languages too. With best Thai musicians taking center stage at the festival of Pattaya, it will be an exotic taste, and you would also get to hear bands from other Asian nations like The Philippines, Korea, Vietnam, and Laos – that's new. Add the new twist on R&B, Rock, and Hip Hop by Thailand's topmost music acts like Klear, Joey Boy, Body Slam,  Potato and Pancake and you might also catch Australia's Cirque du Freak and the Philippines' Nina Girado at this gigantic international music fiesta. If you always want to keep one eye on the future in music, then the international Pattaya music festival is just the right choice for you, because it is focused on the talented stars and you will get to see a lot of upcoming artists at this year's carnival. What's More Music, shopping, night markets, sightseeing or just vegetating on the beach… there are lots to do during the festival in Pattaya. Considered as one of the highest entertainment occasions of the year and the biggest event that pull crowd to Pattaya, this festival will have bands playing on four different platforms along the Pattaya beach road in Chonburi – Galaxy at Bali Hai Pier, Universal in Central Pattaya, Moon on Pattaya Soi 4, as well as Reggae in South Pattaya. With the beach being the backdrop to every stage, you can always take a little walk on the sandy beach to chill out or take a walk around the street markets (click and see Top 10 Featured Markets in Pattaya and Top 10 Shopping Malls in Pattaya) of Pattaya to pick up knick-knacks or get a glance on attractions like 'Mini Siam' – a miniature town near Pattaya Klang. Free for Charge! All concerts at the Pattaya Music festival are free! All you need to do is pay your air ticket, your hotel bills and keep the money for food; but the music costs you nothing! Now, this is what I call a perfect vacation!

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