List of Countries Eligible to Thailand's No Quarantine

Last Updated: November 19,2021

Travelers who are traveling from the Listed Low-Risk Countries below may enter Thailand without quarantine.  You must have stayed in the country of departure for at least 21 days before traveling to Thailand, and need to show evidence of being fully vaccinated at least 14 days before arrival. 

  • Tourists from the updated 63 eligible countries in the announced list below with vaccine certificate 

    1. Book and pay Test & Go package which will include sanitized pick up from airport to hospital or direct to hotel for RT-PCR test (depending on the hotel which traveler books). After that check-in at the hotel in the package and wait in their room until they get the result and if the result shows negative, they can go out from the hotel and go around Bangkok or even fly to the Sandbox area. And when travelers arrive at the Sandbox area they do not need to do an RT-PCR test at the airport anymore and they do not need to stay 7 nights quarantine in the hotel in Sandbox as well. They just need to stay in the hotel with a SHA+ certificate. But they have to fly into Phuket only (they can not go by land). And during the stay in the Sandbox area, they can stay any night in each province which is Phuket, Krabi, Phang Nga. BUT if their test result shows positive they have to go to the hospital or hospital for treatment with quarantine policy.

    2. The traveler needs to book and pay for Test & Go to get Confirmation Letter with the issue by the hotel to show to the embassy (or submit for Thaialndpass) to get a COE visa.

    3. To book the Test & Go package travelers need a copy of their passport + certificate of vaccine + copy of the air ticket + copy of their insurance USD 50,000

    4. UME will help travels book those SHA+ certificates hotel with their Test & Go package which is approved by the government and Public Health Ministry.

    5. After travelers get the negative results they can change to stay in a normal hotel or extend their stay at the same hotel which UME has chosen for them. SHA+ certificate hotels do separate zoning for Test & Go clients and normal clients (which is approved by the government)

  • Tourists from 63 eligible countries in the announced list below without vaccine certificate

    1. Tourists must book a quarantine package for 7 nights or 10 nights depending on their arrival flight

  • Tourists from other countries are out of the list. Still not allowed entering to Thailand at this moment

List of 63 Low-Risk Countries & Regions (updated on 31st October 2021)

-This list will be updated according to the latest official announcement

1. Australia

2. Austria

3. Bahrain

4. Belgium

5. Bhutan

6. Brunei Darussalam

7. Bulgaria

8. Cambodia

9. Canada

10. Chile

11. China

12. Croatia

13. Cyprus

14. Czech Republic

15. Denmark

16. Estonia

17. Finland

18. France

19. Germany

20. Greece

21. Hungary

22. Iceland

23. India

24. Indonesia

25. Ireland

26. Israel

27. Italy

28. Japan

29. Kuwait

30. Laos

31. Latvia

32. Lithuania

33. Luxembourg

34. Malaysia

35. Maldives 

36. Malta

37. Mongolia

38. Myanmar 

39. Nepal

40. Netherlands

41. New Zealand

42. Norway

43. Oman

44. Philippines

45. Poland

46. Portugal

47. Qatar

48. Romania

49. Saudi Arabia

50. Singapore

51. Slovak Republic

52. Slovenia

53. Sri Lanka

54. South Korea

55. Spain

56. Sweden

57. Switzerland

58. United Arab Emirates

59. United Kingdom

60. United States

61. Vietnam

62. Hong Kong

63. Taiwan  

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