History of Chinese Tea

Last Updated: January 09,2019

It is believed that there are as many types of tea are available in China as someone's life will not enough to know about all the types of tea that are available there.  It is estimated that almost there are more than 1000 types of tea that are available there. And China is considered to be well-known in the culture of the tea.

It is said that having a cup of tea is found to be the necessity of every person that is living there. They are also very hospitable as they even offer a cup of tea to their guests also. It is believed that even a person is living in the mud house or a luxury house; he must have a cup of tea in his hand.

A brief history of the Chinese tea

The story of the Chinese tea is very long, but it found to be very interesting as the different generations use their different methods for the manufacturing of the tea.

It is said that the Chinese tea is founded by the Emperor Shennong, who invented it as he was boiling the water and the few leaves of bush were fallen into it. These leaves turned the color of the water to brown. And when he drank it, he found it to be very delicious and refreshing.

For the healthy life, take Chinese tea

Chinese people believe that the tea that they take is the source to make them healthy. It is also said that different herbs that are used for making tea can also be used in the medication. The founder of tea has done several experiments on several herbs. He had also experiment the poisoned one.

Benefits of having tea

Tea is a good source of refreshing the mind. Teas are also available in bitter as well as in sweet taste. One can choose according to his own choice. Tea is also the best source of clearing the heat and helps to enhance the process of digestion. 

Several types of teas

It is said that there are several types of teas that are available in China. It is really amazing that only one country has different types of teas. It is believed that there are 1000 types of teas that can be found there.

The most famous types of Chinese teas are discussed below:

  • Black tea

  • Green tea

  • White tea

  • Yellow tea

  • Dark tea

Why people take Chinese tea

To overcome the thirst

They take the cup of tea to overcome the thirst.

To have the high-quality tea

First of all, people will test the tea. Its quality can be judged by the color of it. It fragrance also plays an important role to describe the quality of the tea. Other factors that are important to describe the quality of tea are:

  • Its fragrance

  • The quality of the water that is being used

  • Even the serving cups can also define the standard.

  • To have a tea in fantastic environment

  • People usually wish to have a tea in the best environment. They usually prefer to have the best atmosphere and the comfortable place to have a cup of tea.

To have a joy

People usually take tea to give them joy and refresh them. The history of the Chinese tea is older than Japan. They usually offer the tea in the environment that will be the source of trustfulness for the people. 

Tips to have a tea

There are also many tips that are used to have a cup of tea in the most effective way. There are many benefits of drinking tea as it is the source of refreshment. It also helps the people to lose weight. It is also the source to clear the heat from the human body. But if someone wishes to have all the benefits of having tea, he must have to follow the following tips:

  • One should have to take the tea when it is hot because the process of oxidation takes place in the tea very quickly. If someone wishes to get all the benefits of the nutrients, he must have to take tea when it is hot.

  • Another tip that someone must have to keep in mind is that one should not have to drink too much strong tea because it will disturb your stomach. The most effective ratio that you can use for making tea is to add only 4 grams of leaves in 250 milliliters of water. This is the best way to make tea, and it will not affect your body negatively in any way.

  • The best time to have a cup of tea is between meals.

  • You should not drink the tea with any medicine because it is really harmful.

  • If someone wishes to know how the tea is made and grow, he must have to visit China.

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