Shanghai Travel Guide

Last Updated: January 09,2019

Shanghai has a long history as a gateway to China on Yangtze River Delta. It is the biggest economic as well as trade center in China, and one of the social centers of China. The pioneer past of Shanghai is held in the cosmopolitan air and Bund. Shanghai is at the bleeding edge of the economic improvement of China. The prosperous features of Pudong region are ensured to wow the visitors. 

Best time to travel to Shanghai 

Tongli Water Town is one of several that our voyagers lean toward close Shanghai. Winter in Shanghai is blustery and nippy, so to visit the water towns, enjoy the Bund and see the scenery amid clear warm weather, the period from March to the end of November is better. To stay away from groups, tempests, and heat dodge July, August as well as October and May. 

What you can do while you are in Shanghai?

There are a number of things that you can do while you are in Shanghai. Have a look the list of things.

Walk the Bund promenade

See the stupendous horizon perspectives of pioneer period buildings and tall skyscrapers. There're different buildings in various compositional styles, including Baroque, Gothic Romanesque, Renaissance and Classical. It is prescribed to visit the Bund during the night time, when all the bright lights are lit up, making it a dazzling and wondrous world. 

Visit the Shanghai Museum

Shanghai Museum is a huge and prestigious museum gathering more than 120000 valuable artistic relics from over 5000 years prior to the Qing era. Other than the marvelous bronze, works of art and calligraphies, pottery, those valuable jades, Chinese seals, coins, statues, furniture, displays of minority nationalities additionally offer you the best opportunity to know about the significant Chinese culture and history. 

Ride a river boat

See the light and shading in the evening. Huangpu River is the longest river in Shanghai as well as feature best cruise excursion trips for offering favored perspectives of the bridges spreading over Huangpu, the beautiful pioneer time buildings and the skyscrapers lining the Bund. After the cruise, take a night time walk around the Bund and enjoy its dazzling night life. 

Go to Zhujiajiao Water Town 

If you have limited time then Zhujiajiao would be the best and second closest choice to get a vibe of such antiquated towns. Like Venice in Italy, there're a number of well preserved bridges as well as boat ride is accessible.

Wonder at the antiquated stop of China Yuyuan Garden

It is Regarded as the most beautiful garden south of the Yangtze River,Yuyuan Garden has a dazzling layout. The structures, patios, hallways, lobbies, stones and streams in the garden frame a peaceful as well as a remarkable picture which strikingly demonstrates the core of southern Chinese landscape design in the Qing and Ming traditions.

Tips to Enjoy Nightlife when you are in Shanghai

Shanghai has the best and most stunning nightlife in China, yet in case that you've ever participated then you might feel it's likely the brightest one in the world! Check out How to enjoy Shanghai Nightlife? 

Nanjing Road

As the famous Pedestrian Street in Shanghai, the Nanjing Road gathers several Modernize business Mansions, noble shops and stores of China, where it is feasible to get a bargain or enjoy a tasty piece to eat. 


Gymnastics is an intelligent art. Everyone, youthful or old, educated or not, can easily appreciate. Watch and experience the expert gymnastic gathering do extremely unforgettable show incredibly and fulfillment. 

Night Cruising on Huangpu River

The most ideal way to see the ideal scenery of Shanghai and have a full perspective of the Huangpu River is to take a boat trip. Cruising on Huangpu River is an unquestionable requirement for the first time visitors.

Famous Foods You Must Try While you are in Shanghai

Shanghai has an extensive variety of restaurants, which serve local cuisine, as well as dishes from all over China and everywhere throughout the world. So you can easily discover an eatery in Shanghai to suit your tastes. 

  • In the event that you need to attempt some local food, here are a few proposals: 

  • Iconic dishes includes steamed crawfish, crab, red-braised pork etc

  • Famous snacks include Xiaolongbao which are steamed buns, Fried Mantou, Soup Buns

How long should you stay in Shanghai?

Traveling Shanghai and Suzhou won't take you a ton of days. It tends to be done in seven days, or several days since they are close to one another, and the vast majority of attractions are situated in the city area as well as in the surrounding environment. As a rule, you are recommended to spend few days for sightseeing in Shanghai, and after that with the multi day visit or two days' visit to Suzhou, which will just cost you around 4 to 5 days, yet allows you to cover the highlights in Shanghai as well as Suzhou.

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