Ao Nam Mao Beach

Last Updated: July 09,2019

Located between Railay and Krabi Town, Ao Nam Mao Beach is an underdeveloped area. During the high season, you can enjoy the tranquil atmosphere away from the crowd in Ao Nam Mao Beach and there are enough attractions and amenities to cater to any holidaymaker. Because its pier for fishing and transportation is important in the area, it features a black sandy beach of about 1,400 meters and three smaller bays, including Susan Hoi, which is also known as the Krabi Shell Cemetery. When you go to the eastern part and northern part of Ao Nam Mao, you can see there are full of mangroves, this is why the color of the beach and the sea by the coast is green. If you are interested, you can take a kayak for a cool trip in this pristine and lush environment, where there are lots of wildlife including the crab-eating macaques, aigrettes, mudskippers, etc. 

Ao Nam Mao Beach

If you have enough time to play in Ao Nam Mao Beach and hope to explore more charm nearby, you can take a visit to the Shell Cemetery. In addition, you can also go to the Krabi Coastal Fisheries Research, which is a huge complex that allows you to discover the breeding of aquaculture and endangered fish and coral species. Moreover, Development Centre and Krabi Fun Park is also a great attraction near the Ao Nam Mao Beach, allowing you to pass a zip line from the canopy to find the rainforest.

For some tourists, Ao Nam Mao Beach is a pier, because this beach is very small, and it is full of long tail boats, and you cannot be free to play on the beach like other beaches. In fact, this beach is dedicated to the piers that cross the east coast of Railay.

But Ao Nam Mao Beach is also good, although there are not so many commercial packages, the sea view is quite good, as the sea is still quite clear, and the beach is quite long. Riding along the long coastline and enjoying the sea breeze with your eyes closed will make you feel comfortable. You can catch small crabs on the tidal flat after the ebb tide. There are many hermit crabs and shells on the beach.

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