Why You Should Visit Vietnam This Year

Last Updated: November 25,2019

Vietnam is a country full of ancient buildings, fascinating culture, exquisite food, splendorous landscape, and awesome beaches… It seems that the country always has amazing things to offer everyone, from foodies and adventure seekers to art and culture buffs and beach hoppers… With over 3,000 km of tropical coastline, Vietnam has been around here for more than a thousand years, and doesn't look it will be going away anytime soon. Why get ahead of the crowds and go now? In this list, we enumerate 9 reasons why should visit Vietnam as soon as you can. 

The history 

Vietnam is one of the oldest cultures in Southeast Asia which has been existing over 2,000 years. The complicated Vietnamese history started from its native Dong Son culture which had handed down for thousands of years. Its culture has also been influenced by Chinese, Indian, Khmer as well as French colonialism. So you will immerse in various architecture and museums. 

Vietnamese history is one of the main draws for visitors. You can feel the history everywhere and the country is filled with educational sites for visitors that records the Vietnam war and other important historic events. For example, when you visit Ho Chi Minh City (former Saigon), your emotion will be influenced by the old war planes scattered around the city and a visit to Cu Chi tunnels that you will go inside like the soldiers in old days. The war monuments are scattered around the city. In Hanoi, you can go to visit the final resting place of the great leader Ho Chi Minh himself. No matter you like history or not, there is no doubt you will definitely learn one or two things of Vietnamese history when you travel to the country. 

The nature

Vietnam has various natural landscapes that can be divided into four general categories: mountain area in the northern of the country, highlands in the central area, the central coastline and the river deltas in the south. The towering mountain ranges in the north around Sapa are lined with lush forests and rivers, lakes by the foot of the mountain and the terraced rice fields. Trekking around the terraced rice field is one the special activities attracting visitors to Vietnam. The limestone cliffs and towers scattered in the Halong Bay is one of the most visited sights for traveler alike. Nature lovers are also astonished by some world biggest natural caves in Dong Hoi and some awesome national parks as Cuc Phuong around Ninh Binh town. The hill town of Da Lat are full of natural rock slides, forests, flowers, waterfalls and lakes. Along the coast in the center part of Vietnam, visitors can find the finest beaches in the world. Mekong river is grand, fertile and primitive, running 3,000 miles from Tibet through China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand and Cambodia before entering Vietnam's delta out to the East Sea. This delta merges the nature and the Vietnamese local culture attracting more and more visitors. 

the nature beauty of Halong Bay

The activities

Besides the natural beauties of Vietnam, there is always enough to do in Vietnam. For some adventure lover, the best way to get most out of Vietnam is to do as locals do; rent a motorbike driving to the mountains in the north or along the way driving from north to south to feel the tricky and bumping road and start an epic ride which only belong to the brave. You also can go trekking and shopping in traditional minority villages when you visit Sapa that requests some fitness however the views are definitely deserved. Kayak, climb the limestone cliffs, scuba, snorkel, windsurfing, or trek deep into caves in Halong Bay. If you like some soft activities, you can stick to the cities and listen to live music, enjoy water puppet shows, see traditional dance, learn some local language or take a cooking class. There are always endless activities that suit your appetite. 

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Vietnamese food

Having a taste of the Vietnamese food is always on the things to do list of the visitors to Vietnam. Street food is a trademark of Vietnam. Fried and fresh spring rolls are served up with numerous delicious dipping sauces; the giant seafood filled pancakes, papaya salads, the warm banana cake in a coconut milk sauce. the famous pho noodle soup and the grilled corn on the cob… all of these tasty and fresh food can be found when you stop at one of those tiny street stalls on the sidewalk. Just go inside and grab a small plastic stool and sit down.  

Vietnamese Food

Vietnamese coffee

Vietnam is the second largest coffee exporter in the world and it boasts a splendid coffee culture in the green tea continent. It inherits France's coffee culture and form it their own. They modified the French press into Phin, a uniquely Vietnamese drip filter and use condensed milk to replace cream. The result of the taste of the Vietnamese coffee is strong, hot and exceeding sweet. You can also try black coffee, coffee with coconut milk, coffee with yoghurt and coffee with egg yolk. Never leave Vietnam without have a taste of the egg coffee which you can easily find in every coffee shop no matter the open-air street side stalls or high-end air conditioned establishment. The taste of it is so unique and I am sure you can't find it in any other countries in the world. 

Vietnamese culture

Vietnam has over one thousand years' history so its culture is vibrant. The water puppet show is the inhabited quintessence of Vietnam. Vietnamese culture has been highly influenced by Chinese culture during the last 1,000 years, so you will see numerous Chinese style buildings and temples. The French occupation has left its mark as well on the people and in the country. The abundant café shops and unique coffee culture in the land and the European architecture in the towns. The countryside of Vietnam is still afloat with hardworking farmers. They lead a traditional life with their modest homes nearby the terraced rice field and they still maintain their manual production life-style. You even can buy some of the beautiful handcrafts as souvenir when you pay a visit to such a village.   

The easy ground transport 

Travel in Vietnam in a more leisurely pace, if you are not in a hurry, you can try Vietnam's ground transportation system. You can travel by train and enjoy the stunning view when you are go through the countryside. Travel in Vietnam by train, for instance, take advantage of the "Reunification Express" that travels the whole country from the north to south. 

Vietnam Train Travel

Friendly People

Vietnam is country called "the land of endless smiles". The people living in this land are some of the friendliest ones you will find around Asia. Friendliness is in every corner and you are always greeted with smiles and occasional hello. Do not hesitate to ask local people questions, you will get answers very quickly and everyone seems willing to offer help. You also can make friends with them and you will feel like you have found a family away from home. 

Affordable price 

It is a common sense that the cost of a trip in a Southeast Asian country is cheap, but Vietnam is even cheaper. Your money will be stretched farther and wider here to allow you have a more enjoyable trip. Spend only US$10, you can get a very nice meal for two people and the bear only costs you a couple of cents. The cost of transportation, accommodations, food, activities and souvenirs of a week you spend in Vietnam will be less than that you would spend in a day in some other countries. You will be able to see more, eat more and do more activities when you travel to Vietnam within a limited budget. 

Visit Vietnam with UME Travel

UME Travel cherish the opportunity to help you design your ideal trip to Vietnam. Our professional and experienced travel advisor will assist you in selecting destinations, activities and accommodations that suit you best. 

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