Authentic Guide for Thai Ladyboy & Cabaret Show

Not everyone pays attention to the ladyboy show, but you can enjoy a sparkling evening on the Chaweng Beach when you are out for a sort of enjoyment. The culture of Thais gives room for ladyboys to operate than any other culture freely.     

Thai community is generally more open to ladyboys than any different culture, and its katoey, popularly called the'third sex,' has played a noticeable part in the country's entertainment world for generations. Thailand's katoey remains world celebrated, partially because due to their more substantial number as well as their feminine nature. Honestly, discerning whether the gorgeous damsel seeking your attention was born as a lady can be very challenging as numerous unknowing tourists have found out! So, Keep an open mind and relish this fascinating Thai culture!

Who is a Ladyboy?

Although the terms "kathoey" or "ladyboy" is somewhat unclear both words are used to denote someone who was born a male but decides not to only dress like a female but also assumes the behaviors and personality of a female. Though the term is sometimes interpreted as "transgender," the term is rarely used in Thailand. Instead, the Thais replace the word with the name 'kathoey.' This term can now be interchanged as masculine homosexual although the word was initially used to depicts intersex individuals.


Thai ladyboy

Majority of these kathoeys majorly work in female roles, in malls, eateries, and beauty parlours, but they can also work in factories which is a reflection of Thailand's high ratio of female industrial workforces. Kathoey can also be found at entertainment joints and tourist meeting points, burlesques, or as sex workers. Kathoey sex workers have high rates of the deadly infection called HIV.

Some of the challenges currently faced by these Kathoeys include social and legal obstructions. When a child decides to become a Kathoey, it's never the joy of the entire family especially the father. The whole family of such individuals becomes disappointed in such a child as they may find it so hard to face the society. Meanwhile, there usually is greater approval of kathoey in Thailand than the majority of other Asian kingdoms. There is no legal acknowledgment of ladyboys and transgender in Thailand even though a majority of them have had genital reassignment operation perform on them so that they look like a lady, yet they are not allowed to change their gender legally. 

Recognizing Ladyboys

A Ladyboy (popularly called Katoey in the Thai language) is a transsexual or a transgender with the most significant number of them residing in tourist districts. Ladyboys are present in most of the taverns here because basically, it's quite more comfortable for women to make more money in these regions. Southeast Asia people are endowed with some very explicit physical structures that make it very easy for them toinconspicuously change their gender inconspicuously. This is the exact reason why recognising a ladyboy can be so challenging on the streets of Thailand, especially if you're a first time visitor in the country. So how do you identify a Katoey when you see one? 


  • Pay Close Attention At Some Their Body Parts: 

Generally, girls have slim shoulders and wide hips, but ladyboys, on the other hand, have broad shoulders and thin hips. Another feature of ladies is their little bent forearms whereas men possess straight forearms. Don't bother to look for their Adam's Apple, because many of them had the bone shaved back through surgical operations. The average height of a Thai lady is 157.3 cm (about 5ft 2in) while that of a Thai man is 167.5 cm (about 4 inches taller).

  • The Voice: 

Majority of (recent) Ladyboys try to talk in a higher pitch to sound so that they can voice sound more feminine. Though, recognizing can take a lot of time before you can perfectly master it.  You can only be an expert at this after you might have stayed in Thailand for some months. 

  • Location: 

When visiting a city (especially in Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket), make sure you check its map and at the same time consult with residents before heading out. For instance, Pattaya's Soi 6 area is renowned for having many bars where many (female) prostitutes can be found. Whereby Soi 6/1 which is just a few distances away, is well-known for its ladyboy inns.


  • Are you a transgender? 

As stated earlier, Thais are pretty open-minded people, and there's no shame in disclosing your identity as a ladyboy. Nowadays, some might get angry if you think that they might not be a complete woman but if you ask in a conservative style, everything should be okay.

  • Request for Her Means of Identification: 

As good as some of the earlier method may be, none of them is foolproof. They are all biased and might vary from one person to another. The only and best way of identifying a ladyboy is by requesting for their Identification. These days all Thai ID cards are written in both Thai and English languages. So by asking for their ID (you can pretend to be checking for their age) and boom! You will see Mr. so-so and so; you can easily get your answer.

Top 3 Ladyboy Performance in Thailand

  • Tiffany's Show Pattaya – the Best in Thailand

Tiffany's Show Pattaya which is currently in its 40th year is the Unique Transvestite Cabaret Show in Pattaya, Thailand. An event that's started as a one-person display performed for friends on New Year' Eve in 1974, Tiffany's Show Pattaya is a household name not only in Thailand and Asia but worldwide. 

tiffany's show pattaya.jpg

From its beginning, Tiffany's Show Pattaya has grown into a Remarkable World Standard Show witnessed by many spectators from all every part of the world. Tiffany's Show Pattaya was voted number 4 in the Top Ten Best Shows to see globally and the NUMBER 1 in Top Ten Best Show in Thailand.


The incredible talents of the transgender & transvestite community, all drawn from the districts of Thailand, are displayed in a show full of exotic, spectacular scenes with the latest technical lighting and sound. 

Tiffany's Show Pattaya plays three-night shows, throughout the year — truly a MUST to see on any traveler's itinerary. 

Expensively beautiful attires, toe-tapping choreography, unique lighting & effects, and the music was specially written for Tiffany's Show Pattaya, all presented in a delightfully detailed setting with the most attractive 'showgirls' to make your night at Tiffany's Show Pattaya a magical & unforgettable night.

tiffany's show pattaya2.jpg

We recommend you have your photo taken with one or more of the artists outside at the end of the show, and place it in the back of your memento programme as a beautiful reminder of your visit to Tiffany's Show Pattaya. Come and experience this world standard remarkable show at Tiffany's Show Pattaya in your Thailand Tour.

  • Simon Cabaret Show – Must-see in Phuket

Come over and relish this excellent show and be astonished at the proficient approach to each musical theme while you laugh along at the comedy and fun, it is a visual outstanding that will have you leaving wishing you can see more. It's a spectacular display of colour, innovation and amusing. Phuket Simon Cabaret, since its start in 1991 has positioned itself as foremost in entire Southeast Asia. The show brings thousands of tourists from around the globe every night. The theatre seats have the capacity of over 600 people. Also, have an excellent stage design and hi-tech sound-system and spectacular lighting equipment. There will be chances to meet with the stars of the show for those memorable photo moments and to see just how gorgeous they are.


  • Calypso Cabaret Show – Bangkok's Greatest Ladyboy Cabaret Spectacle

Bangkok's Calypso Cabaret Show at Asiatique gives you one of the heartfelt welcomes you can get on the land of smiles and does so in many diverse tongues. The theatre is sited close to the town square, with rainbow neon lights making a gesture to the audience. The amphitheater sits 350 in a group of fives at each table, as in any decent live entertainment around the globe. Everything is crimson from the chairs to wallpaper and down to the lighting; they make it feel a little intense sometimes. Tickets come with a free drink (like soft drinks, gin & tonic or beer) and it's also possible to buy a dinner and show package together.

These procedures have been tried and tested countless times before, and Calypso Cabaret tends to recognize everyone in the audience. You won't only enjoy show tunes, but also Chinese love songs, Korean pop and Japanese geisha dancing. There is something for everybody. Children will giggle at the ladies dressing up as ostriches, and the clowning comedy acts, men will marvel, and I spent most of the show jealous that these ladyboys had better legs than me. Everyone will be astonished at the energy of the entertainers, who dance through two-night shows (i.e., one at 20:15 and another one at 21:45) with only a 15-minute break in between.

Watch Cabaret show in your Thailand tour!

Pattaya is the best place to see Top 1 Cabaret show around the world! Pattaya Walking Street in Pattaya is also a wonderful street to spend your night with colorful lights and bars. See the following Bangkok-Pattaya tour to start your Thailand tour. Please kindly note that all tours can be customized on your requests (date, preference and budget)!  Contact our travel experts and we will arrange for you.

Secrets around Bangkok: 5 days Bangkok - Pattaya

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